Aussiedoodle Breed Information Guide: Photos, Traits, & Care

Written by: Samantha Erb

July 12, 2022

When you adopt one of these sweet, shaggy, and super-smart dogs, you’re welcoming a full-on best friend into your family. The aussiedoodle is a hybrid breed, combining an Australian shepherd with a poodle. What that means for dog lovers is a double dose of intelligence, loyalty, and affection, and a breed that won’t hold back when it comes to having fun.


With multicolored and multitextured coats, you can find aussiedoodles ranging from black and tan to solid red merle. Aussiedoodles vary widely in shape and size depending on breeding, but you can often recognize them by their dark, perceptive eyes, mid-length snouts, and quirky personalities. Dive in and explore this beloved breed to discover why more and more people are falling in love with aussiedoodles.

Breed Overview

  • Height: 14–25 inches
  • Weight: 25–75 lbs
  • Lifespan: 10–13 years
  • Breed Size: Small–Large (various sizes)
  • Colors: Blue merle, red merle, black and red tri, black and tan, parti, sable
  • Good With: Kids, other dogs, cats
  • Temperament: Playful, attentive, mischievous

Also Known As…

Aussiepoo, aussiepoodle, the Doodle from Down Under.

What Is The History Of The Aussiedoodle?

The history of this designer dog breed may be brief, but its ancestors trace rich histories through the old and new worlds. On one side, we find the British-derived Australian shepherd, with roots as a cattle-ranching dog in the Land Down Under.1 On the other, there’s the poodle—that keenly intelligent duck-hunting dog, who spent centuries in Germany and France before making its way to North America.2 While these distinct dogs may have been cross-bred at any point in the last century, it wasn’t until the late 1990s and early 2000s that the aussiedoodle came into its own.

There are several reasons North American breeders began developing the aussiedoodle—their hypoallergenic tendencies, manageable size, total cuteness—but no matter the why, the result was a loyal breed that excelled at companionship. There’s no wonder aussiedooles have been used as therapy dogs, providing an important service to those looking for comfort and support. 

Aussiedoodle at the beach

How Big Do Aussiedoodles Get?

Height: 14–25 inches

Weight: 25–70 pounds

How Long Do Aussiedoodles (Generally) Live?

A healthy aussiedoodle can spend 10 to 13 years with you!

What Is A Aussiedoodle’s Temperament & Personality Like?

When you combine two totally lovable pups, expect nothing less than perfection. Well, maybe not quite perfection—they might have a little mischief in them—but pretty close. 

Aussiedoodles are equal parts playmate and cuddlebug, adapting to their owner’s habits and interests. If you’re looking for a big day out at the dog park, your aussiepoo is more than happy to join. If it’s time for an evening in, make some room on the couch. Aussiedoodles are more than happy to stick to your schedule (as long as they’re getting plenty of attention).

Are Aussiedoodles Good With Kids? Cats? Dogs?

Protectors, companions, and all-around sweethearts, aussiedoodles are fun for the whole family, including small children. These dogs have the patience and energy to hold their own with little ones, so long as they are treated, trained, and socialized properly.

Wondering about your other furry friends? There’s little to worry about when introducing your aussiedoodle to the rest of your pet family. Aussiedoodles get along well with most mammals, including cats and dogs.

aussiedoodle lying on ground

Are Aussiedoodles High Energy? 

While aussiedoodles may not be overly demanding regarding physical activity, these playful pups rely on you to keep them happy and healthy. That means 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily to avoid boredom, stress, and excess weight gain. 

Are Aussiedoodles Hard To Train?

This breed is renowned for its intelligence, and the sky’s the limit when training your aussiedoodle. Remember, nothing gets past this breed, so stay on your best behavior, especially when you’re dealing with a puppy. If you want to instill good manners and reinforce their commands, provide plenty of positive reinforcement, including treats and praise.

Do Aussiedoodles Have Health Issues?

No dog is immune to health problems, but aussiedoodles are generally healthy when given preventative treatments and standard veterinary checkups. Stay up to date with all your pup’s health needs, including vaccinations and yearly visits to ensure they can enjoy the best quality of life.

Additionally, consider the following health problems most commonly associated with aussiedoodles:3

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Progressive retinal atrophy 
  • Cataracts
  • Epilepsy

Early medical treatment and care could help resolve or mitigate some of these health issues. You can also ask about independent health certifications before adopting your aussiedoodle. If you notice strange behavior, don’t hesitate to report it to your vet and schedule a checkup.

aussiedoodle running

Do Aussiedoodles Need To Be Groomed? 

Indeed, they do. You can expect regular trips to the groomer every 8 to 12 weeks to keep their coat at a manageable length, minimize dander, and ensure their skin and fur remains healthy. 

Are Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic?

We’re hard-pressed to find a breed that’s 100% hypoallergenic, but aussiedoodles come close. As low-shedders, aussiedoodles may offer relief for those hoping to avoid sniffling and sneezing around puppies. 

Remember, fur, dander, saliva, and urine can all carry allergens. Due to the variety of allergy sensitivities, it’s impossible to say whether or not you’ll have an allergic reaction to an aussiedoodle. We recommend spending some time around these pups before deciding whether or not you can deal with their (minor) shedding.

How Much Does It Cost To Care For A Aussiedoodle?

If you’re preparing to adopt an aussiedoodle, congratulations! Before bringing your pup home, consider budgeting out your doggy expenses for the year. The average aussiedoodle could cost $800 to $1200 a year to care for, but we’re certain it’s well worth it.

aussiedoodle hiking


The average aussiedoodle eats 2 to 3 cups of kibble today, so you can expect to spend $30 to $80 per month on food.

Looking for an easier way to feed your pup? Try BARK Eats! Your aussiedoodle can enjoy high-quality meals, pre-portioned and customized for their specific nutritional needs. All our food is formulated by veterinary nutritionists and arrives conveniently at your door every month. Plus, you can even save 50% on your first order.

Routine Vet Care (Healthy Dog)

Proper vet care is part and parcel of good puppy health. A veterinary appointment may cost about $50, but that doesn’t account for treatments and testing. Additional X-rays, medications, surgeries, and blood work could run you several hundred dollars a pop, but with yearly wellness visits, you may be able to avoid more significant health problems.

Preventative Medications For Aussiedoodles

Keep your aussiedoodle at peak health by providing flea, tick, and worm treatments yearly. Depending on the size of your dog, you may spend $100 to $300 to support your pet’s health and protect them from nasty parasites.

aussiedoodle with toy in its mouth

Aussiedoodle Grooming

If you’re able, consider taking on some of your aussiedoodle’s grooming needs yourself. These might include brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and bathing. For around $50, you can cover all these basic grooming needs and save time and money.

That said, you’re probably not equipped to tame those gorgeous merle curls alone, so consider finding a quality grooming service to perform a full trim every 8 to 12 weeks. Your appointments may range from $50 to $100.

Toys, Treats, Beds, & Accessories

Ready to have a little fun? Shopping for toys, treats, and other puppy accessories is one of the many perks of owning an aussiedoodle. Find what your puppy loves, and don’t hold back. While most accessories are fairly inexpensive, they could add another $100+ to your doggy budget.

Make it a monthly celebration for your aussiedoodle by signing up for BarkBox, a subscription service of chews, treats, and toys for only $23 a month. If you notice your aussiedoodle tearing through standard treats, you might want to try our Super Chewer Subscription. For $29 a month, your pup will get 2 fluff-free, durable toys, 2 full-size bags of treats, and 2 meaty chews. Double your first month for free when you sign up today!

Once you’ve picked up a few fun items for your pup, don’t forget about the basics:

  • Food and water bowls ($10–$40)
  • Doggy bed ($50–$100)
  • Food containers ($20–$40)
  • Crate ($50–$100)


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Written by: Samantha Erb

July 12, 2022


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.