Bluetick Coonhound Breed Information Guide: Quirks, Pictures, Personality & Facts

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

October 4, 2019

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Intro / Overview

(All dogs are individuals, which means any single dog from any breed can be any number of ways, both good and not so good. Keep that in mind as we discuss breed generalities!)

Bluetick Coonhounds have one of those adorable faces that you just can’t help but love. Of course we love all dogs, but the droopy eyes and ears that are iconic on hounds are just so cute. Bluetick Coonhounds, named for the pattern on their coats, are a hunting dog that loves nothing more than to chase down their prey and capture it for their humans.

They’re a loyal and smart breed that absolutely loves to cuddle. They’re incredibly affectionate and want nothing more than to be loved by you. They may be a little tricky to train, so probably not ideal for first-time dog owners, but for those who can handle them, they’re a great lifetime companion.

Also Known As…

Blueticks? Maybe? “


Bluetick Coonhounds are a distinctly American dog. They are thought to have derived from a hound given to George Washington from the French. Bluetick Coonhounds were created hundreds of years ago to be hunters, particularly of raccoons. They’re what is commonly known as a “scenthound,” which means they rely on their keen sense of smell to hunt prey.


Male Bluetick Coonhounds generally are 22-27 inches tall and females are 21-25 inches tall.

Weight Range

Males weigh between 55 and 80 pounds on average and females weight from 45 to 65 pounds.


This breed is very devoted to hunting and to their owners. They love affection and are eternally grateful to those who provide it to them. They have the knack for hunting in their blood, so they are driven to track prey and can misbehave if they don’t have an outlet for that sort of energy. Overall they’re a friendly and affectionate breed who will love you forever.

Intelligence / Trainability

Bluetick Coonhounds are smart dogs that do well with puppy training early on. As with any dog, you want to socialize them with other dogs and other people. They’re not always eager to listen and can also get bored if they don’t have something to keep them busy.

Best Training Techniques For Bluetick Coonhounds

Treats! Treats! Treats! Of course pretty much all dogs like treats, but Bluetick Coonhounds respond well to being rewarded with treats when they do what they’re told, so this is one solid tactic you can use.

Ideal Environment

This breed doesn’t require anything special when it comes to environment, however, it is a breed that does really love to be outdoors. Because they so love to hunt, they naturally thrive outside where they can sniff around and hunt for something. While a house might be the best option for them, an apartment would be fine as long as you walk them and take them to parks often enough. They also have a tendency to howl, so your next door neighbors might not appreciate that if you live in an apartment building.

Good For Families And Kids?

Bluetick Coonhounds should thrive in your family, as they’re an affectionate breed who love to dote on their humans. They’ll fit right in with all of you and snuggle you on the couch any time you let them.

Average Lifespan

11-12 years.


Bluetick Coonhounds are actually an incredibly healthy breed. The main health concern you need to watch out for is bloat, as with any breed with a deep chest. Bloat is what happens when your dog’s stomach gets twisted and it’s highly dangerous. It’s not always easy to spot, but if your dog is restless, throwing up, or salivating more than usual, take them to the vet. You know your dog best, so if you suspect something is off, it’s always good to err on the side of caution and get them checked.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your vet is always thoroughly checking your Bluetick Coonhound’s ears. Because they’ve got those long, floppy ears, they can have more issues with things like bleeding and infection than other breeds.


Bluetick Coonhounds love to play outside — they are hunting dogs after all. They love to go for walks or be left out to play and hunt, but they definitely tire themselves out and are happy to snuggle with you inside after playtime is over.

Friendly With…(Dogs? Strangers? Cats/Other Pets?)

Bluetick Coonhounds aren’t typically reactive toward other dogs, but they take some time to get used to having other dogs around. Early socialization and training are both key!

As for strangers and other pets, again, early socialization is the key, and all the better if they’ve grown up together.

If you decide to bring a new animal into your established household with, just make sure to keep an eye on your Bluetick Coonhound to ensure everyone gets along.

Coat & Grooming

Good news: Bluetick Coonhounds are incredibly easy when it comes to grooming. They have short hair, so they only require infrequent brushing. Once a week is enough. They also don’t need baths very often. Their nails need clipped every so often, but otherwise, they’re pretty low maintenance.

Toys Bluetick Coonhounds Would Like Best

  • Tug Toys: These toys can serve a dual purpose for your dog: they’ll make for a fun game of tug-of-war for the two of you, but you can also get some serious distance when you toss one of these for your dog to fetch.
  • Plush Toys: After a long day of hunting and playing, your Bluetick Coonhound will love to curl up with you and a Plush Toy (that is, if they don’t tear the toy apart).
  • Treat-dispensing Super Chewer Toys: Bluetick Coonhounds will use their powerful noses to sniff out the treats inside these extra-durable toys!

Recommended Diet Or Supplements

Bluetick Coonhounds don’t require any special diet. You should always feed them good-quality food appropriate for their age and refrain from overfeeding. Table scraps aren’t advised, as with any dog. You can always check with your vet if you think you need to change your dog’s diet or add any supplements into the mix.

While Blueticks are ordinarily quite healthy, a joint supplement can go a long way toward keeping them free of aches and pains, especially if they spend a lot of time outside.

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Recommended Products

For Bluetick Coonhounds with joint issues – or any dog who just loves to lie around! – a nice comfortable bed with orthopedic support is probably a good idea.

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Notable Rescues to Find The Bluetick Coonhound Of Your Dreams

Notable Instagram Bluetick Coonhounds

Sir Winston @sirwinstonthehound

Grover the Bluetick @groverthebluetick

Waylon and Cash @the_hounds_are_loose

Ginny @ginnythehound

Elsie Bean @elsiebean_bluetick

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Featured image via SirWinstonTheHound/Instagram

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

October 4, 2019


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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.