10 Dog Breeds That Put Your Hair Game To Shame

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 29, 2016

Some dogs look beautiful with their long coats blowing in the wind.

While others look they’re a marshmallow that’s been left in the microwave too long.

These 10 pups are examples of the former. They are regal, they are fierce, they drink Evian out of jewel-encrusted water bowels and strut their mutt-stuff where ever they go. These are the 10 most glamorous, hair-flipping hounds around.

1. The Afghan Hound
I’m sorry, but Afghan Hounds are MAJESTIC AF. These dogs are so majestic, their hoomans hold up their tails so they can fart.


2. The Bearded Collie

I dare you to try to make a pile of dirt look as good as this guy does. This Bearded Collie is what we would call “Barn-Chic.”


3. The Komondor
Who needs eyes when you look this good? Looks like an Albino Bob Marley needs to go for a walk… on the RUNWAY.

4. The Chinese Crested
Any dog that can out-Prince Prince – is a complete stud in our book.

5. The Collie

This Collie could be on the cover of a Harlequin romance novel.


6. The Samoyed

This pup is thinking, “I am to a Direwolf what Alexander McQueen was to Gaga. It simply doesn’t exist without me.”


7. The Shih Tzu
First of all, no one can pull off a mustache like that Shih Tzu on the left. Second, make sure to drop these British Pup’s new EP, “We Don’t Give a Shih, Tzu Feel Me?”


8. The English Sheepdog
Nothing sheepish about this pup. This little Chocolate-Vanilla milkshake is big, bold and beautiful.


9. The Pomeranian
This pup is Greeting Card level cute. This pup is motivational poster level inspiring. This pup was Taylor Swift level “Shake It Off.”


10. The Golden Retriever
This pensive pup is Tilda-Swinton-as-Orlando resplendent. Her eyes are closed because she’s thinking, “I don’t even want to see how much I’m slaying you with my greatness.”


Featured image via Paul Croes

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 29, 2016