15 Dog Breeds That Need The Most Exercise

Different breeds were all designed to do different things. All dogs have a breed-designated "job." Some were meant for herding, others to work, some to simply be our companions. Based on the different jobs that each breed was designed to excel at, their exercise needs are different too. Here are the top 15 dogs who need an enormous amount of exercise: 1. Australian Shepherd activedog1 The Australian Shepherd is a herding dog, with a bundle of energy. If they're a companion, they need a lot of exercise to supplement their lack of work. 2. Laborador Retriever lab The labrador is the most popular dog breeed in the United States. They were designed to literally retrieve, and are highly active. 3. Golden Retriever activedog3 Yet another extremely popular breed in America, the Golden Retriever is great for hunting and known for their love of swimming. They'll have no problem keeping you on your feet. 4. Weimaraner activedog4 Weimaraner's are an incredibly fast, agile breed. On top of their need for speed, they're highly intelligent so it's important that you keep them busy. 5. Rhodesian Ridgeback activedog5 This breed was bred to hunt lions, so it's no secret that they require intensive exercise. [bp_related_article] 6. Dalmatian activedog6 While not quite as fast as the Weimaraner, this American symbol has great endurance. They're great running partners for long distances. 7. Border Collie activedog7 Border Collies love to work, and it's no secret that dogs that love to work have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise. They're also another sheep herding dog! 8. Siberian Husky activedog8 Siberian Husky's are highly athletic. They were bred to pull sleds hundreds of miles in Alaska. They're a great match for a high intensity winter athlete. 9. German Shepherd princess The German Shepherd is one breed that is still highly utilized for work. When we think of police dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, military dogs...the most common is the German Shepherd. Any breed capable of what they're capable of need excessive exercise. 10. Boston Terrier boston They might be small, but don't be mistaken, they are fierce little canines. They're built, strong, and energetic, and definitely not for the barely active lifestyle. They need to burn their never ending energy as often as possible. 11. Jack Russell Terrier jackrussell Another small breed, with a large breed energy reserve is the Jack Russell Terrier. Originally bred to hunt foxes, these dogs need constant activity to fullfill their needs as fearless predators. 12. Pointer pointer Popular for duck hunting, pointers have a high energy level, and needs to go to someone that can make their energetic personality. 13. Catahoula Leopard Dog catahoula Known for their beautiful spots, Catahoula's are a herding dog, that desperately needs a job for their active personalities. 14. Irish Setter irishsetter None to be mischevious, as most high energy dog breeds are, Irish Setters are intense athletes. If you're looking for an athlete companion, they definitely qualify. 15. Boxer boxer Bred to be a guard dog, the Boxer is an incredibly active breed that is hard to keep up with. These breeds are incredible for runners, hikers, and outdoor adventurers alike. If you need a dog to keep up with you, then you should try keeping up with these breeds.
Featured image via @axel_foley_weim /Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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