10 Speedy Breeds You Could Never Ever Outrun!

Cheetahs are majestic and beautiful creatures, but when our dog thinks they're a cheetah, it's a whole different situation. We've all seen our dogs chase another dog or a squirrel at a very impressive speed. Do you ever think you're dog is the fastest dog you've ever seen? Or have you thought about what the fastest dog is? 1. Greyhound 12964994_1021228311298951_1716845405_n When you think of the fastest dog, which breed springs to mind? The Greyhound, of course. These strong and lean dogs can reach up to 45 mph! They might be the fastest dog but they are also couch potatoes. They will race to the couch for the best spot. 2. Saluki 12912507_1725129287743004_1063139817_n

Capital “S” for swiftness! Don't let the long silky hair and grace be misinterpreted. According to the American Kennel Club, Salukis were used to track and bring down antelope. Also did you know the Saluki might be the world's oldest known domesticated dog?

3. Whippet 12930855_854405784687449_455055929_n This little powerhouse was known for its quick speed and rabbit catching skills. They are extremely fast and have been known to run 200 yards in less than 12 seconds! We will definitely be rooting them in the 2020 Olympic Games. 4. Doberman Pinscher 12950449_957326024374716_1128836291_n Don't be fooled by their muscle, sharp teeth and menacing looks, these guys are quick! Thirty miles per hour and then some. It's no wonder they make great family, military and police dogs. 5. Border Collie collie V Great at making tight turns? Yup! Can reach speeds up to 30 mph? You betcha! Awesome at cornering anyone? Of course. Want to show off at the dog park? Bring them as your plus one. Border Collie’s are workaholic dogs who love what they do. They are agile, quick and always have their eye on the prize. 6. Dalmatian dalmatian V Need a running partner? A Dalmatian is a great idea. They can reach speeds up to 37 miles per hour and have great stamina and endurance. Back in England, they were bred to help with carriages. Running in Central Park and a horse is nearby? Watch out! You might be running side-by-side with them before you know it. 7. Vizsla 12940081_869026393220050_1457159076_n This Hungary native can out run any dog when a one-mile race is thrown on the table. But don’t get it twisted, if the finish line ends near a body of water, this pup will race you in the water too. Can we say training triathlon partner? 8. Borzoi borzoi V Borzoi means swift in Russian, formerly known as the Russian Wolfhound were bred to hunt wildlife like wolves. At full stride not only are they beautiful creatures but they can reach up to 35 to 40 miles per hour according to the American Kennel Club. 9. Jack Russell Terrier 12747642_1397113523921544_1251482889_n Size does matter, people! They are swift, agile and quick. They can reach up to 25 miles per hour in short bursts. In the past, because of their quickness and small body, they were used for hunting vermin underground. 10. Alaskan Husky 12328400_1126948987357221_1113434481_n It's no surprise that the Alaskan Husky has some serious endurance. Clocking in alone, he can go 28 miles per hour. If he's with his buddies, pulling a sled, they can maintain 10 miles per hour. Their speed and endurance continues to be a great asset for delivering goods and supplies to more challenging terrain.
Featured Image via Andi Fisher

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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