10 Goldendoodle Fun Facts

Written by: BARK

December 13, 2022

What’s charming and sweet with curls all over? No, not Shirley Temple. We’re talking about the lovely goldendoodle, of course!

This dog breed has captured the attention of many pet lovers out there. With its friendly personality and precious teddy bear face, a goldendoodle will melt your heart and make you wonder if it’s even possible to be that cute. However, the doodle is more than just a pretty face. That’s right. This beautiful hybrid breed has hidden depths we’re dying to dive into. 

Discover what makes this pup tick with our list of goldendoodle facts. Get ready for your heart to burst and your mind to be blown.  

#1 Goldendoodles Are Fresh on the Scene

They’re in the headlines. They’re at the dog park. And they’re always the topic of conversation with your fellow dog-loving friends. It may seem like goldendoodles popped up out of nowhere, only to pop up everywhere

It’s not just in your head. Goldendoodles have dominated the doggie news cycle because they’re a relatively new breed. After the success of other poodle-mix breeds (namely labradoodles and cockapoos), breeders became curious about crossing the friendly, eager-to-please golden retriever with the intelligent, low-shedding poodle. Eventually, goldendoodles became mainstream around the 1990s and started gaining popularity among families and dog lovers everywhere. 

#2 Goldendoodles Love Seeing the Sights

Goldendoodles may be soft and cuddly, but they’re certainly not homebodies. These extroverted pups love to romp around, shake it off, and strut their stuff.

If you’re trying to woo a doodle, make sure you give them space to roam and plenty of opportunities to burn off their “zoomies” when the spirit inevitably strikes. Ensure that they have access to the following:

  • A big yard – Goldendoodles thrive when they have space to run and play, so having a large yard with a sturdy fence is ideal. Keep them entertained with a game of fetch, tug of war, or a frisbee free-for-all. If you don’t have a yard, try searching for nearby dog parks to give your goldie some room to run. 
  • Frequent outdoor excursions – Goldendoodles also adore adventures, so take them with you on your next exciting outing. Goldendoodles love hiking, water sports, and even trips to the pet store. Allowing them an opportunity to explore the outside world will challenge their minds and sharpen their social skills. 
  • A place to rest – While goldendoodles love being on the go, they need a warm, quiet place to unwind at the end of the day. Goldendoodles can settle very quickly and enjoy moments of solitude or snuggle sessions on the couch. So make sure they have a designated pillow or spot on the sofa they can return to each night. 

Just like humans, doods need diverse experiences to improve their quality of life. So bring your buddy to the (dog-friendly) beach, to the farmers market, or around the block for that bonus walk. Outings of all kinds can make them feel happy, special, and seen. 

#3 Goldendoodles Are Designer Dogs

Goldendoodle’s beautiful appearance isn’t a coincidence. These dogs are hybrids, also known as “designer dogs,” meaning they were bred through two different dog breeds—in this case, the elegant poodle and the iconic golden retriever. Goldendoodles display attractive qualities from both breeds, delighting their humans with their dashing good looks, physical fitness, and playful dispositions.  

Talk about winning the genetic lottery. 

#4 Goldendoodles Are the Life of the Party

Do you know that friend of yours who seems to get along with everyone? It would almost be annoying if they weren’t so, well, wonderful. That’s a goldendoodle for you. 

While some dogs can get territorial, well-socialized goldendoodles aim to make new best friends wherever they go. Thanks to their golden retriever roots, these people-pleasing pups have a low prey drive, meaning they have little interest in capturing small critters. 

These highly social dogs can pal around with just about anyone, including: 

  • Other dog breeds
  • Babies and small children
  • Mailmen
  • Other household pets (cats, turtles, rabbits)

While these pups may win the “Miss Congeniality” award everytime, they may not get first place in the “Best Guard Dog Ever” contest. Every stranger is a new friend to a goldendoodle, even if they’re making off with your grandmother’s fine china.  

#5 Goldendoodles Come in Different Sizes

Goldendoodles don’t follow a “one-size-fits-all” rule. Depending on the poodle it was bred from, your fluffy friend may fit into one of these sizes.

Some of the most common goldendoodles variations include:

  • Standard – A standard adult goldendoodle measures about 22 inches in height and can weigh between 50–70 pounds. These larger doodles need room to maneuver and do well in homes with spacious yards. 
  • Mini – Mini goldendoodles weigh around 35–50 pounds and stand about 16–20 inches tall. While this type of doodle still thrives in wide-open spaces, they can adapt quite well to smaller areas like condos or townhomes. 
  • Petite – Also referred to as “toy” goldendoodles, these little puppies usually measure 15 inches and weigh between 20–35 pounds. A petite goldendoodle can easily accompany you anywhere and will fit perfectly in your pied-à-terre.

With so many sizes, it’s easy to find a goldendoodle that suits your lifestyle and home. Whether you prefer a big dog or a tiny pup to pop into your purse, a goldendoodle can do the trick. 

#6 Goldendoodles Have Lovely Temperments

Goldendoodles have become incredibly popular among families. And not simply because these pups look picture-perfect on a holiday card (have you ever seen a doodle in an elf suit?). No—these loving, loyal dogs have just the sort of demeanor that appeals to people looking to grow their packs. 

Goldendoodles have a friendly disposition, a pleasant personality, and an unbelievable amount of patience—which can come in handy if your crew contains excitable critters or curious toddlers. Whether you have cats, dogs, or little kids, a properly socialized, well-trained goldendoodle can make an excellent, extremely cute addition.

#7 Goldendoodles Are Wicked Smart

Beauty, brawn, and brains? No pup can have it all. 

Guess again. Thanks to the genes that doodles inherit from the poodle (widely recognized as one of the smartest dog breeds in the world ) and the golden retriever (rated one of the top four intelligent breeds), this cross-breed boasts impressive levels of intelligence. Their enhanced intellect makes them incredibly receptive to training, socialization practices, and routine learning. 

It also means they know how to use those big puppy eyes to beg for your dinner. 

#8 Goldendoodles Can Make Excellent Service Dogs 

What happens when you put a golden retriever and a poodle together? You get a highly intelligent, loyal, friendly dog that’s easy to train and eager to please. Sounds like an ideal candidate for a service dog, don’t you think?

The highly competent goldendoodle might make a lovely:

  • Seeing-eye dog – Seeing-eye dogs need to have a focused, responsive personality and a sharp intellect to alert their owner of their surroundings. The whipsmart, highly trainable goldendoodle may be the perfect candidate for the task—harnessing its strong genetic traits to serve its companion. 
  • Emotional support dog – As gentle and friendly as they are smart, goldendoodles may be particularly adept at picking up on their person’s feelings. In a stressful situation, their playful attitude and cheerful smile might offer some welcome respite. It’s no wonder that some folks turn to these pups when struggling with trauma, anxiety, or PTSD.  
  • Comfort dog – Many hospitals invite comfort dogs to help relax their patients. Just as goldendoodles can employ a playful approach, they also know how to act with calm compassion. This balance makes a well-trained doodle the perfect fit for a comfort dog position. 

Whatever job needs completing, you can look to a goldendoodle to exceed expectations. Watch out, Dalmations. Goldendoodles look great in a firetruck, too.

#9 Goldendoodles May Be Better for Allergy Sufferers

Along with their good looks, goldendoodles may also inherit hypoallergenic qualities from their poodle parent. Curly-haired poodles (and poodle breeds) barely shed, which gives our allergic pet lovers a chance to cuddle up a little closer. 

While no guarantees can be made about any dogs’ allergen levels, pups with nonshedding coats produce less dander, making them a more desirable pick for those who suffer from pet-related sniffles. 

#10 Goldendoodles Love the Spotlight

When you’re constantly the center of attention, it’s hard to have it any other way. That’s why your goldendoodle might follow you from room to room, or grab your shoes when you try to head out the door. Those “pet me! pick me! love me!” looks? You can thank their golden retriever heritage for that. 

While your goldendoodle’s attention-seeking behavior can sometimes seem adorable and impossible to ignore, it can sometimes hint at—or snowball into—separation anxiety. Do your best to combat feelings of anxiety by:

  • Starting small – Get your doodle used to your absence by introducing them to small leaves of absence at a time. Leave the house (or the room they’re in) for ten minutes, then twenty, then an hour. Slowly working up to your long absences can desensitize your dog quicker. 
  • Practicing positive reinforcement – Let your puppy know that your love doesn’t leave with you as you walk out the door. Leave them a toy stuffed with food or peanut butter to snack on while you’re gone. A reward-based activity makes a perfect distraction as they await your arrival. 
  • Soothing pre-departure anxiety – Some dogs get anxious when they see signs that you’re leaving (picking up your keys, grabbing your coat, etc.). Show your dog they’ve got nothing to worry about by displaying these cues when you’re not leaving. 

Sometimes goldendoodles can’t help themselves from missing you so much. Giving them opportunities to cope can help your relationship grow even stronger. 

If you are looking to get a goldendoodle and are wanting to learn more, we have the resources for you. Are you wondering, how long do goldendoodles live? Or are you wanting to know how to keep up with your goldendoodle’s health by better understanding goldendoodle health issues? Check out our guides to learn more and see if the goldie is the right pup for you. 

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Written by: BARK

December 13, 2022


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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.