What Are The Dogs That Bark The Least?

Written by: Lisa Bernier

October 30, 2018

If you’ve got a baby on the way, apartment hunting, or don’t like dogs who are in love with their own voice, we’ve got you covered. There are dogs who bark the least. There are dogs that yodel (Basenji), dogs that use sign language (Kooikerhondje) and dogs that snort instead.

Dog Breeds Who Bark the Least

1. Basenjis

The Basenji originated in Africa, and its name means “Barkless Dog.” At 17 inches high, they’re perfect for apartment life. Owners report that, this very intelligent, independent graceful dog makes whining and yodeling-type noises when communicating.

2. English Bulldogs

Another small dog breed that doesn’t bark (or shed, yay!) is the Bulldog. Their comical face, and sturdy compact body makes them look, ahem, “ruff,” ahem, but they’re sweet-natured, bright, and slightly stubborn dogs. Bulldogs tend to put on weight, so walks are important to them. In warmer months, keep them busy indoors, as their pushed-in noses can cause breathing issues when it’s warm outside. They love lounging on couches, almost as much as the French Bulldog. Barking is a rarity for them.

3. French Bulldogs

Baby French Bulldog

These tiny dogs are so hawt, there’s waiting lists for pups. Perhaps its their cute bat-like ears, or that they’re a small breed dog that doesn’t bark or shed (much). They love to be cuddled and don’t need a lot of exercise. Here’s some Frenchie trivia, they’re not from France, they originated from Nottingham, England. Frenchies may snort, fart a lot (sorry!), and make silly noises, but they rarely if ever bark.

4. Great Danes

Fell in love with Scooby-Doo? Guess what, Great Danes rarely bark. They occasionally “Woof!” GDs communicate more with head gestures and tail wags. These very tall (up to 32 inches) dogs are elegant; have huge liquid eyes that see into your soul. GDS are gentle and placid in nature. They adapt well to apartment living. Just make sure you’ve got an extra-large pet bed in the living room and the bedroom. They’d rather loll around on something fluffy and cushioned then the floor.

5. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dog holding an acorn toy

Nicknamed “Bernie,“ the Bernese Mountain Dog is a member of the “dogs who bark the least” group. Black with rust colored eyebrows and a white bib, these dogs are super affectionate and gentle with children. While they love everyone, be prepared for them to pick one hooman as their person. Bred for farm work, this Swiss breed only barks when there’s something important happening—barking would upset livestock.

6. Kooikerhondjes

The Kooikerhondje or Dutch Decoy Dog breed dates to the 1500s. You can see the feathered beauties in Rembrandt’s paintings. This is a frighteningly smart breed; so smart, if they had thumbs, human would be in trouble. Kooikers are hunters; they helped captured ducks in marshes. Weaving in and out of duck decoy blinds, their feathered curvy tail would make the ducks curious, they’d follow them, and eventually, the ducks were someone’s dinner. They rarely bark; if they want your attention, the 25-pound dog will smack you on the leg with their paw.

But keep in mind…

Remember, every dog is an individual so even though breed can be a good starting point, positive training is the best way to ensure good behavior! For tips on dog training like how to stop your dog barking, check it out here. And if your type of dog is the kind who really won’t shut up, well, we can also give you a list of those too. 🙂

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Written by: Lisa Bernier

October 30, 2018


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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.