9 Treats and Toys Dogs Who Love Food Will Adore

Written by: Lisa Bernier

November 30, 2016

Charlie is one French Bulldog who knows what he loves: FOOD. Any kind. He’ll eat it. Sometimes, he tries to eat things that AREN’T food, but he needs to taste test, just to be sure. 😉

For pups who are true foodies like Charlie, you can find the perfect gifts at! (And during the 12 Days Of Dogsmas, you get a FREE GIFT with purchase!)

1. Andi’s Famous Dumplings

Super squishable, super adorable.


2. Sniffy Pop! Popcorn Tin

Bonus: you can use the tin long after to store more treats becuz it’s frickin’ adorable.


3. Feast For Your Beast Treat Sampler

I mean, who DOESN’T like samples?


4. Pete’s Plate of Cookies Toy

Edible cookies? No. Chompable cookies? YES.


5. Peas in the Pod Toy

These peas are way better than actual peas.


6. Gefilte Fish Toy

This is just awesome.


7. Pizza Plush

Mangia, mangia.


8. Farm to Table Scraps Bag

Urban rustic is in, y’all.


9. Pretzel Plush

The best kind of carbs–they won’t add an inch to that puppy waist.


Plus, on December 1st, if you get any of these BarkShop will throw in a free Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese Treats with purchase!


Check out the 12 Days of Dogsmas song that inspired the collection!

Written by: Lisa Bernier

November 30, 2016