11 Long-Lasting Chews For Dogs Who’d Chew Through Drywall

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

October 26, 2019

I absolutely adore my dog, but he has a very ~active~ mind and might chew a table leg off if there’s nothing to do. When time is on our side, I love using a daily system like BARK Bright, which includes triple-enzymatic toothpaste and tasty dental sticks that help maintain his oral health. But when I’m lacking a bit of playtime energy, the best chews have to last longer than the time it takes to brush my own teeth. Low-calorie, durable chews can often be hard to find.

There’s also something each of us (yes, me and my dog) agree on: ALWAYS supervise the fun—when some large chews get down to a not-so-manageable size, the last thing I want is for him to accidentally choke or end up swallowing a small piece and have it cause issues. Safety comes first, and chances are your dog will go bonkers for any of these 11 tasty chews:

Best For An Active Pupper:


Peanut Butter Protien Bar Barkbox

Power up your pup with this Peanut Butter Protein Bar! Made with real peanut butter, carob, and both potato AND pea protein, this protein-packed snack is the perfect chew for the duo always on the go. Tough and filling, this chew is a sweet treat that’ll leave your dog happy and preoccupied. Another plus- this protein-packed treat smells super sweet, no stinky breath or paws for your pupper!

Next time you find yourself out on the town and in need of a little distraction for the furry friend in your life, this easy-carry peanut butter protein bar has your back. Enjoy all at once or break in half for twice the fun- with a cut down the middle for easy dividing! 


      • – High Protein
      • – Easy on the go
      • –  No bad smell!


Best For Most Pups:


Chances are you’re at least a little familiar with this one, and I won’t deny that with some dogs an ordinary bully stick might not last super long. That’s why I highly highly recommend the next best thing—three bully sticks braided together into one monster of a good time.

In theory, this bad boy will last three times as long, and the ones I’ve linked to below are low odor, free of preservatives, hormones, or other additives, and are (like all bully sticks) a fantastic source of protein.


      • – Stink free!
      • – Longer lasting than ordinary bully sticks
      • – High protein, low calories

DEVOURED BY: Belle the Boston Terrier

BUY HERE, $29.95 (6” 6-pack)

Best For Dogs Watching Their Weight:


Attention! These are not edible—I repeat, Benebones are made of crazy-strong nylon and flavored with food-grade bacon, peanut butter, and rotisserie chicken. While these super tough “chews” are meant to be chewed and not swallowed, the dogs in my family go absolutely NUTS for them. And, get this—they’re still around for WEEKS intact. Plus, no calories.

The wishbone-shaped option is designed specifically for a secure grip by paws, and the dental chew version is grooved and double-ended for the ultimate cleaning sesh. Both are available in Mini and Regular sizes with the former also sold in Jumbo form. As with any snack or toy, be sure to remove this from your dog if he appears to be ingesting it or if it’s ready for a replacement. Make sure to keep an eye on your playful pup as he gnaws away at this fun low-cal chew!


      • – Sticks around much longer than an edible chew
      • – Comes in various sizes
      • – Different flavor options

BUY HERE, $10–$19 (Mini–Jumbo)

Best For Pup Parents On A Budget:


Dogs like gross things—if you know what bully sticks are, then you understand. My pup LOVES beef trachea, and it’s a huge bonus that they’re chock full of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health. It will typically take her at least a half hour to get through one of these; they’ll last even longer if you smear a little peanut butter on the inside so they have to lick it off first.

On the stink front, I can confidently say I’ve never had a smelly trachea, though some do complain of an odor. They tend to be a little oily or waxy as a trade-off and might be best given on a kitchen floor or outside. I have never had issues with tracheas staining the carpet. Like many chews, these can also be treated as “dental chews” since they act like a very strange looking toothbrush.


      • – Contain glucosamine & chondroitin for joint health
      • – Good source of protein
      • – Tube-shaped, so they can be stuffed with other goodies

DEVOURED BY: Cosmo the Boxer

BUY HERE, $12.95 (6” 3-pack)

Best For The Life Of The Paw-rty:


chew the brew bottle opener

This bacon flavored nylon chew is a real bottle opener! Your pup will love chewing on this bacon-infused chew, and the super-durable non-bacon ingredient (there’s only one) will keep even heavy chewers busy for ages. These are not edible- made of crazy-strong nylon and flavored with food-grade bacon this toy is the perfect long-lasting chew for the  Super Chewer in your life.


      • – Sticks around much longer than an edible chew
      • – No stink!
      • – Practical… its a REAL bottle opener!


Other Chews We Love:


Like antlers and other bone-type chews, buffalo horns are low in calories, high in protein, and last quite a long time. Luckily, unlike cooked bones (which I would never recommend giving to your dog, no exceptions), these will not splinter as they’re chewed.

Another awesome benefit—there’s no odor! I’ve never experienced carpet staining or any issues with water buffalo horns, and they stay “alive” in our house for weeks to months on end. As always, never leave your dog alone with any kind of treat or chew.

BUY HERE, $19.95 (2-pack)


peanut butter pawplexer

Made from the same super tough nylon your pup loves to gnaw, and packed with real peanut butter flavor, the Pawplexer is already among the top ranks for our most vigorous chompers. The Pawplexer features a space in the center to put a jerky or bully stick, so that the Benebone rocks as your pup chews if they don’t hold it down. This long-lasting chew will keep both you and the pupper happy for hours of preoccupied play.

BUY HERE, $16.00


Deer antler

Bring out your pup’s inner wolf with this all natural deer antler. Don’t be alarmed when your pup howls during full moons! This 100% Naturally Shed Deer Antler is the perfect chew to preoccupy your pup. This chew is low in fat and high in minerals to help support healthy joint and bones, and  great for keeping teeth clean!

BUY HERE, $9.50-$32.50  (small-large)


Yak milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice are the only ingredients in these ancient himalayan snacks. They wear down over time as your dog gnaws and are good for keeping plaque at bay, though when they get small enough (down to an inch or so) you’ll want to take them away. Don’t throw it in the trash just yet though! If you pop the little piece in your microwave for about 30 seconds it will puff up like a piece of popcorn and come out nice and crunchy. It will be hot, so don’t give it to your dog right away; once it cools they should be able to munch it like a regular treat.

BUY HERE, $10.41 (3.5oz 3–4-pack)


shuck n chuck corn cob

Now I’m not going to make a corny joke… but this durable rubber cob strung on a ballistic nylon rope is the perfect toy for the Super Chewer in your life. With the Crazy Crinkle husks on top, your pup will be all ears!



These are a tad difficult to ship due to their frozenness and rawness, but any local pet supply store should have a freezer stocked with vacuum-sealed marrow bones. My personal pick is the beef marrow bone from Primal Pet Foods. For a dog new to raw snacks, I would limit them to one bone per week, though Primal advises that you can offer up to two.

These raw bones are NOT meant to disappear, meaning once your dog scrapes out all the marrow and any leftover meat left on the bone, discard the bone itself. Unlike a “stuffed” bone from the pet store, you won’t want to leave a raw one lying around too long after the fact. Out of anything and everything, my pup would do backflips for these.

BUY HERE: Check out your local pet supply store or call ahead to see if they have their freezers stocked!

Now you can take a deep breath and catch up on that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to watch, and won’t have an eager nose poking you in the leg to play. An occupied dog is most definitely a happy one—go forth and chews your chew!

Featured Image via @lolabarksdale/Instagram

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

October 26, 2019

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.