If You’re A Vegetarian, Can Your Dog Be One Too?

It’s summer time! And you know what that means… Summer BBQ! Oh, you’re a vegetarian, you say? No worries. You can still throw a veggie patty on the grill. Actually, throw two on the grill: one for you and one for your dog.


That’s right. Dogs can thrive on a vegetarian diet, just like you. That’s because dogs aren’t, contrary to popular belief, carnivores.


They are natural omnivores, meaning they can eat meat AND vegetables, but that doesn’t mean they need meat. Why, as long as their nutritional needs are met in a carefully balanced diet, dogs can be vegan.


Of course, veganism isn’t right for every dog, precisely the way it may not be right for you. If you don’t want to remove eggs and meat from your dog’s diet, you don’t have to do so. Dogs can happily and healthily live as vegetarians.

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Happy National Burger Day to you and your pup! Happy grilling!

H/t to Pet MD

Featured image via @lisaelba /Instagram

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago