What Dog Treats Are Safe For Puppies?

When you get a puppy, you want to shower them with love, affection, and rewards. And whether you’re a brand new dog owner or you’ve brought up pups before, your go-to instinct is probably to shower your puppy with that love, affection, and rewards in the form of yummy treats. But what dog treats are the best for your growing pup? Are store-purchased dog treats safe for your little pup? And how can you make sure any treat you give your puppy rewards them with happiness—and doesn’t punish them by making them feel sick?

Are Dog Treats Good For Puppies?

Dog Eating BarkShop Bonfire Bites Before we jump into which dog treats are safe for puppies, let’s first talk about whether giving your puppy treats is good for your puppy at all. And the answer is yes, treats can be good for your puppy—as long as you use them correctly. First, let’s talk about how to use your puppy treats. Even though you might be tempted to give your new puppy a treat every five minutes (and with an adorable face like that, who could blame you?!), it’s important to fight the urge and only use treats as part of your puppy’s training. Your puppy is going to need a lot of training to grow into a well-behaved, well-adjusted dog—and treats are your strongest tool for managing that training and teaching them skills like sitting or walking on a leash. So, in a nutshell, dog treats can be a great thing for your puppy when you use them well. And if you give them the right kinds of treats! But what, exactly, are the right kind of dog treats for puppies?

What Dog Treats Are Safe For Puppies?

You wouldn’t give an infant a potato chip, would you? Of course not. Not only would it make them sick, but it’s just not safe. It’s the same thing with puppies. The best treats for your 10-year old dog are not necessarily the same treats you want to give your 10-week old puppy. Not only are some dog treats too big for tiny puppies, but a lot of dog treats have ingredients or preservatives that your new pup’s tummy might not be able to handle—and if you give it to them, the only thing you’ll have to handle is a whole lot of diarrhea. Certain dog treats can propose a safety hazard for puppies as well; because puppies teeth aren’t fully developed, they’re at greater risk for breakage—so treats that are too hard can cause serious damage to your pup’s chompers. So, what dog treats are safe for puppies?

Soft-baked treats

Soft-baked treats (like the Dynamic Chewo Tuna and Chicken) are great for puppies because—you guessed it—they’re nice and soft. These treats are easy on your puppy’s chompers—and a lot safer for them to eat than harder treats.

Freeze-dried treats

Freeze-dried treats (like Stink, Steak, Stunk!) are perfect for puppies. They’re small, they have a ton of flavor (which makes them a great motivational tool for training!), and they’re easy for your puppy to chew.

Jerky treats

Jerky treats are nice and chewy—perfect for your little pup’s chompers. Just make sure to look for puppy-sized jerky bites, like the NYC Roasted Duck Jerky Bites.

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3 years ago

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