11 Dry Dog Food Brands That Have Never Had A Recall

We know how deeply you care about your dog, and most of us are especially sensitive to the kinds of food we put in our pup's belly. Your dog is family, and so they should be fed with the same amount of care you feed your fellow humans. After a bit of digging and contact with representatives from each of the following companies, we present to you a list of 11 high-quality dry dog foods with no recalls, ever. ***Please note that this small list certainly does not contain every single brand of dog food that is recall-free.*** 1. BARK Eats Crafted by nutritionists and designed to sway picky eaters with optional drool-worthy toppers and supplements, Eats even comes delivered to your door in perfect meal portions. 2. Life's Abundance With natural, wholesome ingredients and the option to go grain-free, this kibble's got it all, and their small-batch cooking system ensures the best quality in each bag. lifes-abundance-pet-food 3. Zignature Specializing in foods "based on the nutritional science of the glycemic index," and with the goal of mimicking a raw diet without the inconvenience, this brand brings your pup one step closer to nature. 10995152_335629986626420_1154003563_n 4. Holistic Select This brand functions on the belief that total body health begins with the digestive system. Their "Unique Digestive Health Support System" uses natural ingredients along with pre and probiotics, fiber, digestive enzymes and botanicals to make one happy belly. 10979709_1594605217417863_991508790_n 5. Eagle Pack No fillers or artificial preservatives and the right balance of ingredients results in healthy skin, a shiny coat, and bright eyes. In other words, your dog will have the energy and spirit to play ball as long as his heart desires. acy7wn 6. Nature's Logic These foods are a "reflection of the safe and wholesome foods nature supplies," and the brand boasts that they never cut corners with ingredients or quality. Our dogs truly do deserve the best. FrankNaturesLogic 7. Canine Caviar Founded by a man whose Great Dane lived to be 17, Canine Caviar is known for its alkaline based diet. The company says that this diet "helps put more oxygen into the blood to allow the DNA’s self-recovery mechanism to function more efficiently and effectively." AKA, long live your pup! 11313748_1470853293206230_209396515_n 8. VeRUS Currently the only formulas to contain freeze-dried LIVE probiotics, VeRUS is the convenient equivalent to a homemade meal with high-quality nutrients sourced from whole foods. d8ca8770775127994a2f81ed11028f04 9. Annamaet This kibble is continuously analyzed by independent labs to "maintain [their] strict standards of quality control." With holistic and natural preservation methods as well as antibiotic-free ingredients, Annamaet lives up to its precise standards. 11333753_381718132039184_80010500_n 10. Now Fresh With a team of dedicated nutritionists and strict quality and safety standards, this food has both excellent nutrition and safety measures for themselves, their suppliers, and their partners. Testing is done with every batch and at every step of the production process. collage 11. Blackwood Slow-cooked for easy digestion and manufactured in small batches, Blackwood is extremely passionate about the care and quality of their pet foods. The bag even gives you all the important information, including the percentages of protein, fat, and fiber in each bowl. lovely-package-blackwood-pet-food To see if your dog food has ever had a recall or to check the status of a brand you are interested in, visit the FDA recalls & withdrawals page.
Featured Image via Pet Pact

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5 months ago

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