Is BARK Eats Worth It? Everything You Need To Know About BARK’s Nutritionist-Crafted Recipes

Reviewed by Samantha Erb

December 9, 2021

From the makers of BarkBox, BARK Eats specializes in drool-worthy meals customized for every dog. Every recipe is crafted by nutritionists and delivered to your door in perfect portions. Maybe your dog’s coat could be a little glossier, their toots a little less noxious, or their poop a whole lot easier to scoop.

No matter the digestive dilemma, dog people can agree on one thing: we want to feed our dogs the best. And if we don’t have to lug a heavy bag into the car? That’s just the delicious topper on, well, top. (Sorry, dogs can’t have cherries.)

How Does Eats Work?

1. Let’s Sniff Butts

First, you’ll provide some basic info on what you prioritize in a dog food. That includes things like cost, deliciousness, and nutrition. Then you’ll answer a few questions about your dog, and submit a phone number for a Wellness Advisor at Eats to text you your personalized meal plan.

2. Get The Nitty Gritty

Taking into account your pup’s weight, age, and any food allergies, you’ll receive a text with a recommended per-day food measurement, recipe, and any optional toppers (for picky eaters) or soft chew supplements. (My dog is a senior with a sensitive stomach, so our dog food expert recommended a probiotic and hip and joint aid). You even get 50% off your first order.

The dog food experts are more than happy to discuss any adjustments and answer any questions. They’ll even help you reevaluate your meal plan as your pup grows to best suit their unique needs. (Yes, please share pictures of your dog, it fuels us.)

3. Stare Out The Window

All that’s left is to eagerly await your first delivery, barking at squirrels highly encouraged. Your custom supply automatically reships whenever works best to ensure you never run out. Just have a drool towel ready for impromptu puddles.

If you and your dog aren’t doing zoomies, we’ll return every one of your human dollars.

What’s In The Food?

Dog person to dog person, BARK would never give your pup anything we wouldn’t give our own. In fact, we’re pretty obsessive over sourcing and ingredients, and we hope you are, too.


Eats uses only 100% US-sourced meats and proteins. Nutrition always comes first where our four-legged family is concerned. That’s why every crafted bite ensures bioavailability and efficient absorption. In other words, the nutrients are actually able to do all the good things once they’re in the body! A special blend of prebiotic fibers and live probiotic bacteria also make bellies happy (and your nose happier).


Flavor-packed, freeze-dried raw toppers welcome every picky dog into the clean bowl club. Each single-ingredient topper comes in powder form to better coat each kibble, and contains no fillers or preservatives. Pup parents also have the option to choose a single protein or receive them on a rotation. Eats offers ever-changing options like beef liver, duck liver, and chicken.


All of our supplements contain zero fillers, additives, or synthetic preservatives, and DO contain a whole lot of bacon flavor. Currently, these include a salmon oil and pollock Skin & Coat soft chew, and an advanced Hip & Joint soft chew.

Why Is It Pre-Portioned?

Have you ever overestimated the amount of food left in the storage container, only to end up having to run out for a bag at the last minute? It’s happened to all of us. Peace of mind is underrated, and dogs should always expect dinner in their bowls.

We make sure bellies stay full, but not too full. Overfeeding is an all-too-common problem among dog parents with the best intentions. Unfortunately, even a few extra pounds can lead to serious health problems. With mealtimes perfectly measured and ready to be gobbled, you can focus on more important things, like your technique for those post-food belly rubs.

Are There Other Flavors Or Prescription Diets?

We are definitely working to broaden our recipe book! Our nutritionist and on-staff vet are formulating the next recipe—we know dogs’ palates are as discerning as our own! We would love to offer even more options, including prescription diets and large breed puppy food.

Switching To A New Food 101

An abrupt diet change can cause discomfort and digestive upset in dogs. That’s why it’s important to take it slow and monitor how they’re feeling! Ideally, spread the transition out over a week and follow the guide below. If your pup has a sensitive stomach, food allergies, or is prone to tummy trouble, it’s even better to stretch it out longer.

  • Day 1–2: 75% old diet and 25% new diet
  • Day 3–4: 50% old diet and 50% new diet
  • Day 5–6: 25% old diet and 75% new diet
  • Day 7: 100% new diet

Looking to one-up your dog’s food game? Sign up for BARK Eats today and get 50% off your first order!

Featured image: @pierogi_rogi

Reviewed by Samantha Erb

December 9, 2021