There’s Dog Food Both You And Your Dog Can Eat. No, Really.

Reviewed by Laura Hartle

February 27, 2015

This post is pawwered by the folks at Freshpet who are spreading the good word about the difference eating fresh can make in your pup’s life!

Every dog parent wants their pup to be as happy and healthy as they can possibly be, that’s a given. But with all of the recalls and lawsuits that we see popping up in the news, it can be incredibly confusing to know what food is actually best to feed your dog. It’s no secret that here at the BarkPost we’ve had a long and friendly relationship with the humans over at Freshpet. They believe that the best and healthiest food for dogs should be full of ingredients that humans feel comfortable consuming as well.

Exhibit A: Freshpet’s hilarious “Intern Eats” series.

In the human world, there’s a fresh food movement a’brewin’, and a’cleansin’, and a’juicin’… You get the picture. The point is that people are giving more care and thought to the things they’re putting in their bodies. For our human food, we try to avoid the hit list of artificial ingredients like trans fats, hydrogenated oils, and synthetic sweeteners. But these seem tame compared to some ingredients found in common dog (and some human) foods: propylene glycol, ethoxyquin, cellulose, propyl gallate… Eeks.


Additionally, the fresh food movement has shown that folks who incorporate more whole foods in their diet get sick less often, have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, and have more sustainable energy. Just as unprocessed food improves human health, eating fresh make your dog healthier, too! Shinier coats, improved digestion, and increased energy are just a few of the visible benefits from a switch in diet.

But don’t take our word for it, Freshpet invites you to see the difference fresh makes for yourself! Head over to Freshpet to find a store that carries Freshpet near you, a downloadable scorecard to track your pet’s nutritional pawgress, and veterinary tips!

This post was sponsored by our canine cuisine connoisseurs at Freshpet. 🙂

Featured Image via @sugarlightphotography on Instagram

Reviewed by Laura Hartle

February 27, 2015