13 Creative Ways to Store Your Pup’s Food And Treats

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 11, 2015

We all want to have a house that looks like it came straight off of a Pinterest board. But when you have a dog, it can be hard to make your house look completely Conde Nast chic. However, every pup owner can take small steps to add a little glam to their animal-filled life. One great change to make is the way that you store your dog treats.

Here are 13 of the cutest ways to put away your pooch’s snacks:

1) DIY Pet Treat Mason Jars

If you’re artistically inclined, you’ll jump at the chance to customize your pet’s treat container.


Simply find a mason jar, paint the lid your color of choice, and glue a cute figurine on top to show whose food is whose! In fact, I’m not artistic myself, but I think that I could handle this. With very little effort, you have a great end product.

The full instructions to make these jars can be found here.

2) Pet Food Canister

After the holidays, I often find that I’m left with a lot of big, metal tins. You know, the kind that store popcorn and cookies? They take up a lot of space, but I feel bad throwing them away. The perfect solution is to repurpose them into containers for your pup’s food.


Simply grab some spray paint and a stencil, and you’ll have a brand new pet food container in no time! The full instructions can be found on Tidy Mom.

Don’t want to make one of these puppies yourself? Head on over to Ballard Designs to buy one, instead.

3) Glass container

Glass containers are great for pet food because they’re super customizable. Any local craft store will have animal-related stickers, which are perfect for a decorating frenzy. Here’s some inspiration from Etsy:


If you don’t have 60 bucks to drop on treat storage, you can definitely craft something similar on your own.

4) Faux Furniture

Etsy has some seriously gorgeous pieces of furniture– and they happen to store dog food. Unless you’re a carpenter, this kind of storage will be harder to make on your own. However, the piece will fit seamlessly into your house. Guests will be none the wiser that Fido’s food is inside!

Here are some examples from Etsy:



fancy trash can

5) Personalized Drawstring Bag

Everyone likes personalization– even your pup. These bags are especially useful if you have multiple pets who all require different types of food. All you need is a drawstring bag, some stencils, and a felt marker or spray paint. For those of you without the time for arts and crafts, Etsy has your back:


6) PetEgo Storage

I’m not entirely sure what this little creature is, but it’s definitely adorable. If you’ve got a quirky side, then this method of storage is perfect for you. In fact, PetEgo has tons of other tins like the one below. Check out their website for more options.


7) Lixit Pet Food Jar

If you have a small pup who doesn’t need a lot of food, or you just want to store some treats, this container is perfect– and cute, to boot! The jar also comes in a variety of sizes, for those of you who have bigger dogs or want to store larger amounts of food. You can find all of the company’s storage options on Amazon here– they have Prime, too!

dog treat container


8) Pretty Portable Pet Bowls

I’ve been on road trips where I had to put my dog’s food into plastic baggies. Not only is this not the most stylish accessory, but the bags are also impossible for pups to eat out of. This portable bowl by Cport Products solves that problem. Whenever your dog is hungry, simply unzip the container and place it on the ground. Voila! Instant bowl.

red dog bowl

9) Petpac Food Storage

Your dog food can go bad if you spend a lot of time outdoors. As a precaution, it’s always good to keep it at cool temperatures. Of course, if you’re camping or outdoors in general, this can be difficult. That’s why the Petpac is a great choice for active dog owners who like to take their pets on their adventures. Your dog food will always be fresh– plus, the container comes in a ton of patterns! What could be better?


10) Harry Barker Food Tin

Harry Barker is the Chanel of dog food storage. While the company’s containers might be a little more pricey, there’s no denying how nice they look. They actually add to the style of a room, rather than detract from it. The pattern below is called toile. Well, well, fancy aren’t we?


11) Laundry Hamper

The family from the blog, Golden Boys and Meputs their golden retriever’s food and bowls inside of a laundry hamper they got at Ikea. This idea is so simple, but much more attractive than a plastic trash can. Look at how great it looks in their kitchen!


12) Pimped Out Shelving Unit

This item is currently sold out on Etsy, but it would be easy to make yourself. Simply find a shelving unit, decorate it however you desire, and place your dog food inside. If you don’t want to make indents for the bowls but still want to keep them hidden, simply place them inside the container! DIY isn’t as hard as you’d think, after all.


13) Fabric-Covered Food Bin

This is another easy DIY if you can’t find similar container options in a store near you. The woman behind Cr8tive Designs took a plastic trash can, covered the lid in chalk paint, and surrounded the sides with fabric. Look at how professional it looks– and for a very low cost, too!

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 6.15.22 PM

Featured image via Kookies Online
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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 11, 2015

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