What Dog Treats Are Low In Fat?

Written by: Savannah Lyons

February 1, 2019

Dogs love to get treats as a reward for performing tricks, obeying commands, and..well, for just being cute. One of the best moments in the day for a pup parent is treat time. It’s always fun to see your pup get the zoomies and they’re always so happy to get a reward. The frantic tail wags start with the sound of the treat bag. They come running, eagerly wait to inhale the tasty morsel, and then search for more.

As humans – and thus the only member of the dog-human relationship that is able to read – it’s our duty to read labels and to know exactly what we’re feeding our dogs. A consistent diet is great, yet it can get disrupted by daily high fat treats. If your pup has gained some new fat rolls or has pancreatitis, they could greatly benefit from a switch to low fat treats.  If your pooch is already following a low fat diet, it’s not always easy to find which treat options fall in line with their daily needs.

What dog treats are low in fat? No need to shuffle through the pet isle to search for the good stuff. We’ve got a list of great options to help make finding those low fat treats easy for you!

Freeze Dried And Delicious!

Dog catching treats

Meaty treats are always a hit with pups. These all-natural freeze dried treats are great way to keep your pooch happy and busy for a few minutes while they work those chomping muscles. Grain-free treats like Stink, Steak, Stunk, and  Crump’s Natural Beef Tendersticks are both drool-worthy freeze dried beef treats. They’re sure to get the tail wag of approval from your little one!

Small Bites Pack A Big Taste

Small dog with jerky

Dogs never seem to get enough of the bite-sized treats. Barklyn Bacon Bagels and Steak Chew of Liberty  are small and easily devoured treats that are great low-fat options to use as rewards for tricks and training treats. They’re also small enough to drop into dog puzzles and treat-dispensing toys.

Jerky And Chews For Big Chewers

Freeze Dried Treats

Jerky treats and chews can also be low in fat. The all-natural jerky treats and chews come in a variety of protein sources and can be very beneficial for your pup. Both require lots of chewing, which helps clean their teeth a little, and they’re getting a lean grain-free and gluten-free snack.

Single source treats are a great way to also take the guess work out of what your pup is eating. Hunder’s Crunch Jerk Minis are a single sourced fish treat that can be broken down to use as training treats. Beef Trachea , Beef Tendon, and Frank’s Flank Steak Chews are tasty single source beef options that are low in fat!

Tasty Vegetarian Treats

Pit Bull Corncob Dog Toy

Eat your veggies! Yes, that’s right. Easy on-hand options for low fat vegetarian treats are vegetables. Fresh or frozen green beans, carrots, and zucchini slices are fun alternatives to the typical dog treats. If you find that your pup’s not a fan of veggies, and you’re not a fan of providing your pal with animal parts as chews, there’s also the yak milk based treats the Original YakuPUFF and the Himalayan Dog Chew. From small to large, the Himalayan chew line has something for every size of dog!

Don’t Forget About BarkBox!

BarkBox Bulldog

Tired of searching the pet store for low fat treats? Let BarkBox do all of the work for you and your fur family!

A BarkBox subscription sends a carefully picked selection of 2 innovative toys, 2 bags of all-natural treats, and a chew to your door each month. With the ability to tailor your BarkBox to fit your pup’s dietary needs, #BarkBoxDay will quickly become your dog’s favorite day!

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Written by: Savannah Lyons

February 1, 2019

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.