Which Dog Treats Are Safe?

With thousands and thousands of treat options on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are good and which ones are bad. Below we've got some of the most common questions we've gotten in the 7 years we've been shipping millions of BarkBoxes full of treats and toys.

What are safe ingredients for dog treats?

When purchasing dog treats, you want to steer clear of anything with artificial dyes, glycerin, artificial preservatives, BHA, BHT. These have all been tied to directly causing dogs to become ill (or worse). As a parent, it’s always a good rule of thumb to find with brands that you trust to ensure that the quality standards of your dog’s treats are high. By giving them better quality treats, you’re also giving them a better chance of living a longer, healthier life. Here’s a continuously-updated list of both dog food and treats that have been recalled, and you can find brands here that have never been recalled.

Which dog treats are dangerous?

It’s sad but true; not every company makes treats that are both safe AND healthy for your dog. In fact, some of the treats you can find at your local grocery store contain ingredients that can lead to serious health issues. We all truly want the best for our dogs. Taking the extra second to read the treat label can make all of the difference in the world for your dog’s health. Be on the lookout for “natural flavoring,” artificial dyes, glycerin, artificial preservatives, BHA, and BHT. These are all considered to be dangerous to your dog’s health. All of these (individually) have proven to directly cause dogs to become ill (or worse) including: various forms of cancer, obesity, liver and/or kidney problems, life-threatening asthma, fatigue, and brain damage. Some of these same agents are even used when manufacturing: jet fuel, pesticides, and embalming fluid.

Which dog treats were recalled?

Dog Food Advisor has a continuously-updated list of both dog food and treats that have been recalled. Related: 11 of the Best-Rated Treats To Ever Come In a BarkBox Looking for a regular delivery of safe treats (and toys!) for your pup? Check out BarkBox!  With its creative monthly themes, top-quality products (all of them designed and made in-house), and incredible customer service, BarkBox is a great time for pups who love toys and treats. BarkBox also tailors each delivery to your pup based on size, needs, and wants. Plus, all of the edibles are free from wheat, corn, and soy, and—most importantly—they taste delicious.


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3 years ago

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