11 Beer-Fetching Dogs Who Will Have The Best Party Trick At Your Summer BBQ

Written by: Jessica Todd

July 14, 2014

I imagine grasping a beer bottle or can in your mouth is roughly the same as biting teeth-first into an ice cream bar, so I’ll pass on this one. But my dog? Well, maybe it’s time for her to learn a new trick. Who wants to bet the first person to come up with this one is a lazy bum buuuut also pretty clever?

Here are 11 people-pleasing pups who want nothing more than to grab you a cold one and enjoy the summer heat together.

1. This sweet Yellow Lab takes a little coaching, but she gets the beer in the end. You best believe she makes sure there’s a treat for her good deed afterward!

2. Peach keeps the cold ones comin’ for her hooman, and she even throws away the empty cans. What more can you ask for??

3. Murdock hops to his feet with lightening quickness when his person yells “BEER!,” and is back with a brewsky in record time.

4. Tango shows off his long list of tricks–which includes a pretty sweet touchdown dance–but most impressive is his booze-fetching expertise.

5. Stubby the Chihuahua may look small, but this little dude can tote a full bottle of ale to his human no problem. Maybe it’s like how ants can carry 5,000 their own body weight?

6. What’s not to like about Halo? He’s got a signature touchdown dance and is always on hand with a cold one. ‘Nuff said. Can you come to my house sometime?

7. Duke justifies fetching beer for his hooman by getting belly rubs in exchange. Sounds like a fair trade, to me, though I might’ve negotiated some snacks in there too.

8. This little Boston Terrier is full of energy, which she expends by running like a speeding bullet to snag beers from the fridge.

9. Ollie the Australian Kelpie may be just a pup, but he’s already got the brew fetching trick down pat. Next, teach him to grill the burgers.

10. Alamo the Golden happily keeps his pawrent supplied with frosty brews on one condition–he must be rewarded with yummy treats. That’s how it’s done, Alamo.

11. Wait, the remote, too?! This dog really is man’s best friend.

Featured Image via Murdock TV

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Written by: Jessica Todd

July 14, 2014

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