10 Dogs Who Feel Brian Williams’ Pain

Written by: Lisa Bernier

February 17, 2015

Brian Williams has gotten into pretty hot water lately due to some bad decisions he’s made regarding how things happened and how he said he happened.

Ok, let’s no sugarcoat it: He’s a big fat liar.

But hey, it can be tough to face to the truth. Just ask dogs. Often they do things that they’re ashamed of/try to hide/get caught in the act.

Here are 10 dogs who totally feel Brian Williams’ pain.

1. Someone has a terrible poker face…

2. “I’m only sad I got caught.”

3. “I got regrets. I ain’t afraid to say it.”

4. “I plead the Fifth. What do you mean that doesn’t apply to dogs?”

5. “Real talk: Cats suck.”

6. “Proof is for fools.”

7. “They’re stupid enough to fall for it.”

8. “Whoever smelled it dealt it. AND YOU SMELLED IT, MOM.”

9. “Of the two of us, who’s the one who can look you in the eye? Point made.”

10. “Guess what? They’re not real either.”

Featured Image via Tumblr

Written by: Lisa Bernier

February 17, 2015