10 Dogs Who Knew Winter Storm Jonas Was Put On Earth For Their Enjoyment

Not only was Winter Storm Jonas the biggest snowstorm for several locations on the East Coast, it was also the coolest, romp-iest, most epic snow-play-day of these dog’s lives!

1. These Snow Day sisters enjoyed some Coldplay cold play.

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2. This handsome pup who wondered what the Blizzard did with his balls.

3. Wanda and Lasya were the most adorable Mother-Daughter team of Blizzard trail-blazers this side of the Mid-Atlantic.

Trailblazers #buried #blizzarddog

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4. Orson had lots of thoughts about the Blizzard.

“Dear god, make it stop.” #blizzard2016 #wheredoipee

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5. Meet Olivia, the funkiest, most snow-obsessed Labrador on the planet.

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5. This cool pup was in her element!

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6. Mady knew the best way to stay warm was by keeping her heart rate up!

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7. Frisky is the the appropriately-named Corgi who wasn’t going to let short legs keep him from enjoying some fresh powder.

9. These BFF’s (Best Fido’s Forever) loved blowing off some Snowmaggedon steam.

10. Lastly, this little pupsqueak, who was LIVING for how it felt to be chief of the street.

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We hope everyone had a fun time this weekend! And remember, don’t eat the yellow snow!

Featured image via Dog Time

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago