10 Pugs Take Over ‘Good Morning America’… The Result is Adorable.

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 13, 2013

Soon after 16 Romantic Pugs Helped a Guy Propose in Central Park, the wrinkly cupids became Internet celebrities – with their furry mugs appearing first on The BarkPost, and then on TODAY, BuzzFeed, People Pets, CNN HLN, Dogster, and more.


So, when Good Morning America asked the pugs if they would appear live in studio, the smooshy-faced, media-savvy crew happily obliged.


With the sun still down, the pugs rallied and made their way to the ABC studios in New York City for their 6 a.m. call-time. The promise of muffins and refreshments in the green room made it a little easier.

Hamilton and Finn took a taxi uptown
Hamilton doesn’t believe in the Atkins diet

The pugs were excited to be reunited as many had not seen each other since the proposal. They caught up with each other in the green room while they waited to be called down to the studio.

Despite her young age, Poppy is a pro
Mooshu & Hudson get camera-ready
Bailey mugs for the camera while Hamilton looks on and Finn rests

The furry cupids made their way down to the set, enjoying the elevator ride.

“Take us to the floor where stars are born!”

On the set, the Good Morning America props team tied heart-shaped balloons to the puggies, mimicking what they wore during the original proposal.

Poppy gets suited up while scopin’ out the bling
Mr. Shiznit is totally ready for his closeup
Hamilton is made for TV
Gus even wears a red bow, while Ziggy gives the look of pug love

Once in place, Sarah Haines, a dog-lovin’ GMA anchor, took the reins of all the pugs so they could film some teasers. She encouraged them to “snuggle.”

Hamilton makes himself comfortable on Sarah’s lap
Mr. Shiznit, Gus & Ziggy notice treats on set
Have you ever seen a cuter bunch?

Then it was showtime! Half the grumble went with the five anchors, and the other half took over the control booth.

The pugs take their seats
Bailey and Finn: Anchordogs
Finn and Dan Harris are fast friends

“Finn, I want you to give Dan Harris a hug.” – Hamilton Pug, director.

Hamilton calls the shots
Pugs take over the control room
Gus checks his Facebook and barks orders
Oscar & Ham talk shop

The segment went flawlessly. In fact, some Twitter fans insisted that pugs should be a permanent fixture on the show.

Before they left, the NYC pug crew thanked the cast and crew of Good Morning America for having them on. And the pugs left open an offer to come back, whenever they are needed, for another round of pug love.


In case you missed their national debut, here are the pugs in action.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 13, 2013

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