The 10 Stages Of Emotion Every Dog Goes Through On Their Walk

Written by: Melina Giakas

May 1, 2015

While walking your dog may not always be the absolute best part of your day there’s no doubt that it’s one of your dog’s favorites. The fresh air, stale poop, and exotic birds (a.k.a crows) are some of the glorious wonders your dog loves to explore. Your neighborhood is their oyster and the world their toilet!

Each dog has his or her own routine. However, there are a few occurrences on the journey to answering natures call that seem to be the same – regardless of your dog’s size, breed, or bark.


1. Acknowledgement

You may not realize it but the process begins even before you call out the “W” word. Your dog knows the first second you reach for your jacket and start looking for that leash. Quickly, they start to monitor your every movement. They’re sure to keep one eye up, tracking your progress, while the other remains on their trusty chew toy (you never leave the chew toy without confirmation).


2. Announcement

Your dog’s mind is suddenly sent into overdrive. “Did I hear walk? Could it be? Did I hear that right?!”


3. Confirmation

Leash in hand, your dog has the confirmation needed to temporarily ditch the chew toy.

excited dog

4. Sheer Chaos

Running, jumping, licking, and barking – it’s all happening. Even so, there’s no reaction that quite matches the level of excitement your dog is experiencing.


5. Ready To Go

Finally, after minutes of attempting to get your dog still enough to attach a leash you’re ready to head out!

ready dog

6. Smell, Sniff, Explore

You can never be too sure of the normalcies you will come across in your voyage. Birds, neighbors, rocks, and cars are just a few of the endless possible things that will entice your dog to smell, sniff, and, if left alone, explore for hours.


7. Pee

This is probably the quickest of the duties. Pawsonally my dog gets so excited for his walk that the first thing he does (usually indoors before out) is pee without control.


8. Poop

This is most likely the longest part of the process. Your dog needs to sniff out the area for previous poopers and venture far enough away to claim their own land. Once found, your dog does their famous poop dance celebrating their acclaimed territory and gets ready to pinch a loaf.


9. Scoop

We know YOU, HOOMAN are always a responsible dog pawrent, and pick up after your pooch. As gross as poop is to pick up sometimes, we’re sure if dogs they could, they’d do the same for you. (Ok maybe not, but it makes it a little easier if you just try and believe that).


10. The Return

The second you and your dog turn back home is the moment they start counting down until the next walk. They’ll keep a watchful eye on the front door awaiting their next outing.

window dog

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Written by: Melina Giakas

May 1, 2015

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