The 10 Stages Of Vacation Grief That Hit When Traveling Without Your Pup

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 27, 2015

Leaving your pup for any reason instantly puts you in depression mode. You sometimes take a personal day, just to spend more time with your pooch. So when you get to leave for vacation, you have mixed emotions. On one hand you can’t wait to hit the beach, but on the other, you can’t stand the thought of leaving your fluff-butt behind. If you’re anything like me, and jump at the opportunity to travel, you are all too familiar with this vicious, vicious cycle.

Stage 1: The day before you leave, you spoil your love with all of the doggie treats money can buy.


Stage 2: You let them basically get away with murder, because you won’t be seeing them for a whole week!


Stage 3: You text your family and friends for support during this difficult time.


Stage 4: You finally take them at the last minute possible, only to say goodbye in the most dramatic manner possible.


Stage 5: On the plane, you can’t stop thinking about your pups and chronologically go through every picture of them, even showing your neighbor how cute your fuzzbutt is.


Stage 6: You request daily picture messages and updates.


Stage 7: You cry yourself to sleep at night, because you don’t have your cuddly lumpkins next to you.


Stage 8: You make sandcastles of your beloved, while wishing he were walloping in the waves with you.


Stage 9: But, you know you must enjoy yourself, because in a week you will be back to your pooches.


Stage 10: And you know what they say, distance makes homecoming all the sweeter!


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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 27, 2015