10 Things We Tried And Loved This Month

Written by: Melina Giakas

March 4, 2016

Online shopping can be just as unpredictable as online dating. You may think you found something interesting only to find out it’s nothing close to what you had expected. While we can’t help you with the whole dating situation we decided to take some of the mystery out of shopping by testing out a few of the most talked about pup products ourselves. Here are just a few of our favorite picks from this month!

1. Funston Leashprices starting at $20

I’ve been seeing everyone in the office with this leash lately. I personally own a Dog + Bone leash so I was curious to see what the scoop was. I found out it’s the only leash my co-workers have tried that doesn’t get tangled. It’s made of a tougher nylon material that won’t get wrapped as tightly around your dog while out on a walk or end up in a knotted mess afterwards. It’s also easy to clean and has a ring near the handle that’s perfect for attaching a poop bag holder.

Benji Blue Leash Collage updated

2. Shoodles, $74

Bark & Co Shoodles are finally here! We got a sneak peek of the shoes that are available on in February and they’re all we’ve been talking about since. The Shoodles were created in collaboration with BucketFeet and illustrator Dave Coverly. If you take a closer look you can see one of our founder Carly Strife’s pups featured with her ear sticking up!


3. Dogzilla Egg, $17

This cage-like egg is great for a game of fetch or to use as a treat-dispensing toy. You can fit bigger biscuits inside to keep your dog busy or pieces of jerky. My dog Levi is crazy about it. I decided to try it out with our office dog Walter too and he went nuts. When my co-worker came to find her Retriever I stole borrowed and she told me she’s never seen him so busy or determined.

Dogzilla Egg

4. S’well Water Bottle, $36

When I first heard about S’well bottles I was a bit skeptical. Now that I’ve got one of my own I bring it everywhere. It keeps liquids hot or cold for 24 hours, making all the difference when you’re looking to drink something cold after a day in the park with your pup.

Swell bottle

5. Odin Puzzle Toy, $23

This treat-dispensing toy actually began as a project on Kickstarter. It was designed with both style and practicality in mind. Its UFO-shape keeps my dog guessing and it’s also the one thing I don’t have to worry about hiding when people come over.

odin toy

6. Cotton Canvas Cube, $60

As you can see we have a massive amount of toys around the office (and also in our homes). These canvas bins by Pehr Designs are a quick and easy way to store your dog’s favorite things. If your dog is a rare and polite creature like some of our office pups (Levi not included) they’ll usually come by, sniff around, and pull out toy or two from the top of the bin rather than dump the entire thing out. The bins also come in several colors, shapes, and prints that are bound to fit in with any decor.

Canvas Toy Bin

7. Love Thy Beast Tote, prices starting at $160

With Bark & Co HQ being located in NYC we know a thing or two about commuting with a dog, and how important it is to find the right bag. My co-workers have gone through a ton of bags that their dogs didn’t like, didn’t fit into, or were uncomfortable to carry. Love Thy Beast is great because of its durability and design (AKA it won’t make you look like your slinging a crate over your shoulder). The bag’s straps are also thick enough to provide support. There’s a scoop on the side that makes it easy for your dog to pop their head out without you having to worry about a zipper rubbing up against them.

Grey Love Thy Beast

8. Orbee-Tuff Football Toy, $18

Our office Retriever Walter helped me test this one out after hearing my co-worker’s 90 lbs. Pit Bull Mix has yet to tear it apart. I filled it with a few treats and sure enough he was chasing it around like a dingus. When I went to rinse the toy it also kept slipping out of my hands which is when I realized how hard holding a slobbery football shaped toy must be for even the most destructive chewers. My favorite part is that it’s a Planet Dog product. All of their toys have a minty scent to combat any slobbery grossness that toys usually end up covered in.


9. Pawz Dog Bootprices starting at $12

My dog hated these when I put them on him the first time but once he got used to them our walks became so much easier. I wasn’t worried about picking him up over patches of ice and debris since I knew his paws were protected. What’s great too is that you can use these all year long. They’re prefect for preventing muddy paw situations on rainy days and can also help senior dogs gain stability. They come in all different sizes too so our office Yorkie Mix and Labradoodle Mix can keep their big and small paws protected.

paws updated lab

10. Pixel Penguin, $16

Pixel is great toy for heavy chewers because of its stitching. The stitching creates different compartments within the toy so if your dog chews through one section, the rest of the toy will remain in tact. What I loved is that the side of Pixel is made of rope so once Levi chewed through the material it ended up becoming an interactive tugging toy. There are also three squeakers that drove him nuts in the most adorable way. 🙂 *Please note playtime should always be supervised.

pixel p

Feature image via. BarkShop

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Written by: Melina Giakas

March 4, 2016

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.