10 Tips To Make Traveling With Dogs Stress-Free This Summer

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 14, 2018

Cabin fever is a ghost of seasons past, and our dogs are ready get outside sans sweaters. If that means buckling up and rolling down the windows for a road trip to remember, we’ve got you covered with some simple sanity-saving travel tips to keep the good times intact.

1. Start With A Long Walk Or Play Session

Don’t even think about heading off on a lengthy car ride without getting some exercise in. It may sound extraneous, but exercise for a dog is really important to help release excess layers of energy that would otherwise be trapped in a car with you. It’s also a simple way to ease anxiety and stress, and your dog straight up loves it.

2. Strap In

Safety always comes first with family, and seat belts are just as important for dogs as they are for people. This seat belt tether clicks into your car’s seat belt slot and connects at the other end to your dog’s harness to keep them safe in case of an accident. Do NOT attach to a collar!

3. Pack Their Favorite Toys

You’ll want to stay away from big meals beforehand in case of accidental upchucking, but no one said you can’t have food ~in spirit~. Even if the toys don’t last the whole trip, giving an anxious pup something to focus their nervous energy on will be a lifesaver in close quarters.

4. Bring A Calming Aid

For every dog that jumps up at “let’s go for a ride,” there’s another who’d rather stick to staycations. Calming treats and CBD biscuits & extracts are a natural, drug-free alternative to traditional medications that won’t cause dogs to become sedated. In proper doses, they can be just what pups need to take the edge off high-stress situations.

5. Hydrate With Ice Cubes

Before hitting the road, stop at the drug store for an insulated water bottle with a wide opening. They’ll keep ice cubes frozen for at least a few hours, and your dog will need a way to stay hydrated without drinking too much or making a mess. Plus, they can help keep nausea at bay.

6. Try Long-Lasting Chews

Not the edible kind, if your dog is prone to car sickness. Luckily, Benebones pack all the flavor of a delicious treat into a 100% nylon chew that’ll still be around for the return trip. Infused with real peanut butter or bacon, they’re a mess-and stink-free solution for chronically bored passengers.

7. Treat Yo Dogs

Nothing too heavy, of course. Bite-sized or light & crunchy treats like Bark Pops are just the thing to tide hungry tummies over until dinnertime. These cheese puff look-a-likes are a hit, and the white cheddar flavor is enticing to even the pickiest pooches.

8. Be Prepared With Emergency Essentials

You’ll never regret not having a first-aid kit until the moment you need one. The bandaids in your glove box won’t do much for your dog, but if something happens during a potty break or on the road, the necessities will make all the difference.

9. Keep Poop Bags On Hand

Accidents happen. Whether it’s in the car or during a routine pit-stop, keep it respectful and pick up after your pup (and dispose of it properly). You can use these handy bags to scoop up all kinds of messes, and a little baking soda on the spot will soak up any moisture or odor. Just vacuum it away at the next gas station and carry on.

10. Bring Something From Home

The backseat is SO far away, and your dog misses you all the way up there in the front. Things that smell like home and like you are super comforting, so be sure to bring along a blanket or a t-shirt to keep them calm.

Stock up on toys, treats, and more at to make your trip just as fun as the destination!

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 14, 2018

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