10 Washable Toys For Dogs Who Drool On All Of Your Things

There’s nothing I love more than watching my dog run around like a dingus with his favorite toy. But at the same time, there’s nothing I find more disgusting than that gnarly smell following a slobber-filled session of fetch. If your dog’s a drooler like mine, we’ve got the perfect toys to help minimize that whole smelly, slimy hand situation. Best For Most Dogs: PLANET DOG ORBEE-TUFF BALL Planet Dog is the master of all things drool. Their toys actually smell like mint to combat any funky odors, and this little globe is no different. It's made with crazy-durable rubber, bounces, and is completely recyclable and non-toxic. Luckily, it's also 100% wipeable, washable, and de-drool-able. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Super tough for heavy chewers - Comes in 3 sizes - Can be easily cleaned BUY HERE, $18.95 Best For Dog Parents On A Budget: JW MEGALAST GUMMI BEAR Sounds like something straight out of Willy Wonka's Factory, doesn't it? This sweet little toy has the advantage of being both cute and hygienic. JW is a great company for plastic and rubber toys, most of them standing up to the most dedicated Chewasaurus Rexes. This guy also squeaks---that gets an instant 12/10 rating by most dogs. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Washable - Squeaks! - Affordable BUY HERE, $3.99-6.24 Best For Treat-Seekers: PET PROJEKT FŪRCHÜN COOKIE You won't find any messages in these colorful cookies, but your dog might find some goodies poking out the sides. I recommend using longer-shaped crunchy treats, or anything that can stick out partially since the opening is too tight for dogs to easily free fully-hidden snacks. The Fūchün Cookie is made of all-natural rubber and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. WHY WE LOVE IT: - You can insert treats for an added challenge - 100% washable - Comes in 4 colors and 2 different sizes BUY HERE, $6.31-14 Other Toys We Love: Jolly Egg Dog Toy This egg-shaped toy is designed to be difficult for your dog to grasp, thus letting the fun ensue as you watch them chase, grab, and chase again as it slips from their grasp. Instead of rubber, the Jolly Egg is made of hard plastic (all the more tough to bite into), and the smooth surface is ideal for wiping, rinsing, and removing layers of slobber. BUY HERE, $8.59-19.12 Bionic Bone Bionic toys are known for their durability, and the pliable rubber material makes it effortless to keep clean---you can even throw it on the top rack of your dishwasher! This "bone" is BPA-free, has 2 openings for treats or a smear of peanut butter, plus ridges in the surface to make chewing more fun. BUY HERE, $7.99-17.98 West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Try saying THAT 3 times fast. This boomerang-esque toy is perfect for a game of tug, and the dishwasher-safe material is gentle on teeth, yet stands up against them. It twists, pulls, and stretches to double its length for many ways to play. And get this: it's "100% guaranteed against dog damage." BUY HERE, $12.95-16.95 KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy Throw it like a disc, bounce it on the ground, or just toss it in the backyard, this tough toy is up for anything. Its ridges and unique shape keep chewers occupied, and it can be stuffed with treats and washed clean in a snap. BUY HERE, $7.20-8.26 Ruff Dawg Flying Fish Retrieval Toy Calling all pool and lake-loving dogs! This 100% rubber fish toy floats for long-lasting games of fetch by the water. I mean, it's just asking to get wet, what more could you ask of a drool-friendly toy? It's also resistant to tears and punctures, so rough play is welcome. BUY HERE, $10.50 Kurgo Skipping Stones Call me easily impressed, but this is the most adorable, clever, and practical water toy I've yet seen. These rubber skipping stones float, are dishwasher-safe, and come in 3 bright colors for easy visibility on the water. Kurgo claims they will NEVER get waterlogged, and I just think they're too cute to handle. BUY HERE, $11.71 (2-pack) Chuckit! Classic Launcher + Chuckit! Ultra Balls All hail the folks who got tired of picking up a slimy ball with spit bubbles and grass stuck to it, and invented this genius tool. The Chuckit! Launcher picks up and hurls any tennis ball (but I recommend the equally drool-savvy rubber Chuckit! Ultra Balls) as far as your dog can run, all without you having to touch the ball itself. At the end of your game, just pack everything up and give it all a good rinse in the sink. BUY HERE, $8.49 (Chuckit! Launcher) + $7.50-9.99 (Chuckit! Ultra Balls) Slimy hands and stinky toys will never be a problem again for you drooly dog parents! Let those spit strings fly, I always say. Featured Image via @havok_thegreat/Instagram

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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