100 Pound Pup Helps Tiny Rescue Dogs Find The Inner Strength They Never Knew They Had

Written by: Regina Lizik

March 29, 2016

Alaina Bupp and her husband quickly fell in love with Charlie, a Catahoula and American Bulldog mix, when they fostered him for Dumb Friends League. After a month, they foster failed and welcomed the now 100 pound pup into their family.

They knew they loved their big lug of a dog, but what they didn’t know was how much other dogs, particularly tiny frightened foster pups would love him.

Charlie-foster (6)

Alaina wrote on Dumb Friends League’s website:

We began fostering small dogs with fear issues since Charlie did so well with them. Charlie’s easygoing, laid-back sense of calm seemed to really influence the tiny, scared pups. They would seek him out and lay with him on the couch, and some even seemed to fall in love with our big guy.

Many of these petite pups have a difficult time trusting humans, but with Charlie, they feel safe.

DFL-Charlie-foster (2)

Alaina says that Charlie is more than another dog, he’s a foster dad to these frightened rescue pups. He also gives them the space they need to work through their issues and heal on their own time. What happens is magical.

DFL-Charlie-foster (8)

Most of the tiny dogs find that the best, and safest, seat in the house is on Charlie’s big belly.

Charlie-foster (5)

We can see why! It looks pawsitively cozy and warm!

Charlie is truly a special dog, and whether he realizes it or not, he is powerfully changing the lives of every dog that crosses his path.

DFL-Charlie-foster (1)

High paws, pup!

Written by: Regina Lizik

March 29, 2016