11 Dogs Who Don’t Get This Whole Fart Thing

Written by: Stacie Grissom

June 27, 2013

Admittedly this is not the most mature post that’s been written on The BarkPost, but after a hilarious traipse down a Youtube rabbit hole, we had to share. Today we learned that dogs are terrified of farts– their own, fake ones, and human ones. Proof below:

11. Bullit really does not like farts.

10. This adult Corgi doesn’t appreciate it when his puppy friend toots in his face.

9. This puppy thinks that Whoopee Cushions are the most heinous inventions ever.

8. So does this Pug.

7. This Boxer is unsure as to where those fart noises are coming from. All he knows is that he doesn’t like them.

6. At the sound of flatulence, this Schnauzer will run away no matter what she’s doing.

5. This Sheltie thinks that farts are just plain rude.

4. Farts make this Pittie quite uncomfortable.

3. This Pug thinks that farts are intruders who need to get out of her house RIGHT NOW.

2. This Weimaraner needs an adult after hearing her own fart.

1. And so is this Frenchie.

Featured image via Attack Of The Cute

Written by: Stacie Grissom

June 27, 2013