11 Essential Dog Memes You Absolutely Need To Know

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 15, 2014

Memes have become an indispensable part of the web. Some of them involve dogs. These 10 dog memes are currently at the head of the pack.

1. Yes, This Is Dog.


Yes, This Is Dog is as simple as he seems: through the magic of captioning, a dog appears to answer the phone in english. It’s often used with movie or tv clips to create fake conversations via telephone.

2. Birthday Dog

birthday dogsource

Birthday Dog is famous for his human like expression and mellow disposition. Post him anytime you’re feeling cool, comfortable, and very, very chill.

3. Shibe


Shibe was arguable the meme of 2013. In this meme, a shiba inu is paired with rainbow text in an imaginary “doge” speak. The short phrases always begin with a “wow” and often include “such,” “so,” and “much” before other related words or sentences. Check out this breakdown of the meme for a Shibe template and more info or check out this post about the real dog behind doge.

4. Insanity Wolf

8289323Insanity wolf is super extreme. The idea is you superimpose intense statements over this wolf image to create your own expressions of insanity. Create your own insanity wolf memes here. (Warning: some versions of the meme are NSFW)

5. Dramatic Cupcake Dog

Dramatic Cupcake Dog is a well behaved pup named Staines resisting the temptation of a plate of cupcakes. A short youtube clip paired the video footage with a dramatic orchestra hit. The results are… well… memerable.

6. Lawyer Dog


Lawyer Dog is a corgi dressed in a suit who gives legal advice. The advice generally includes a dog related pun. There are dozens and dozens of examples. Check them out over at Quickmeme.

7. Dog Shaming


Dog Shaming is simple: when your dog misbehaves, snap a pick of the guilty guy or gal with a written apology or list of crimes. Then share that online. Dog shaming is one of the most popular memes today with thousands and thousands of different examples. The meme started from a tumblr in 2012, which is still home to some great dog shaming today. Also check out the ultimate collection of hilarious dogshaming pics. 🙂

8. “No idea what I’m doing” Dog.



This meme evolved from the single photo above. The idea is this: a dog is photographed doing some human activity. Then the text “I have no idea what I’m doing” is added, playing on the fact that dogs don’t know how to do human things like drive, do chemistry, operate a froyo machine, etc. The pics are best when the dog is clearly doing something incorrectly in the photo. You can find a collection of the memes on this subreddit.

9. Advice Dog


Advice Dog is the oldest web meme on this list. He was created way back in 2006. Advice dog pairs this image of a cute puppy over a rainbow backdrop with 2 lines of poor, unethical, or reprehensible advice. The juxtaposition of the cute puppy, the bright background, and the terrible, awful advice creates humor and gives this meme legs.

10.  Human Dog

Human Dog is actually the oldest meme on this list. It’s so old that it predates the internet! Woah! Retro meme. The idea was originally created by visual artist William Wegman in 1989. In his film, two dogs bake bread (shown above). Since then, dog owners have been posting their own videos of their dogs with human hands doing human stuff. Upload yours to youtube and maybe your pup can be the next internet sensation.

11. Dog Fort


Dog Fort is a comic strip meme that depicts doggie agents, often this little guy in the lobster suit, communicating with their central base: The Dog Fort. You can find a list of all the iterations at this dedicated subreddit. It’s never too late to turn your dog into a secret agent…


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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 15, 2014

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