11 Things Only Husky Pup Parents Understand

Written by: Emily Wang

April 1, 2015

We’ve seen them in the movies, on the streets, and all over Instagram. But there are some things about Huskies you just don’t know unless you’re a pup parent to them!

1. People often ask you, “Is that a wolf?” when they see your pup.


2. They’re extremely athletic. Husky owners will tell you that these dogs require tons of play time and exercise! 


3. They’re not the easiest breed to train, thanks to their extreme intelligence and headstrong personalities.


4. Once you’ve established a great relationship with them, they make some of the most loving and affectionate breeds.


5. They don’t make the best guard dogs. They’re often too friendly, even to strangers who may not be welcome to your home.


6. They have some of the most gorgeous eyes in the doggy kingdom.


7. Huskies are master escape artists. Whether it be under or over fences, these guys can and will find a way to get to what they want to.


8. It’s probably wise to never let most huskies off leash. Their curiosity partnered with their strong willed personalities don’t often make for the greatest recall skills.


9. They’re diet dogs! But really, this breed usually needs a lower calorie diet.


10. They do in fact shed. They shed a lot.


11. Husky puppies are some of the most adorable creatures to have ever walked the planet. Okay, maybe you knew that one already. 


Featured Image via @bmelliott7

Written by: Emily Wang

April 1, 2015