11 Things Babies Do That Are Even Funnier When Puppies Do Them

Being a fluffy puppy does have its perks. You can totally take advantage of humans more than human babies can.

1. Being extra needy.


Babies can be annoyingly clingy, but there’s nothing more comforting than when you look down and your pup is wagging his tail and following you around wherever you go.

2. Playing with their food.


It’s not so funny when babies push and throw their food around, but when puppies play with their food it always warrants an “Awwww!”

3. Playing with stuff that they’re not supposed to.


No one likes it when a baby messes with their stuff, but when a puppy does it it’s super cute.

4. Getting stuck rolling over.


With babies, it’s a learning process and you have to constantly help them through the rolling phase. With puppies, it’s just plain adorable to watch.

5. Teething.


Sure, razor sharp puppy teeth hurt, but they don’t know any better.

6. Waking you up when they’re awake.


Because they need your attention, you better wake up now!

7. Screaming and crying.


Trying to communicate with you can make for a loud and screamy baby, but puppy barks and howls are all too hilarious to watch.

8. Not sleeping.

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It’s often an inconvenience when babies don’t sleep, but when puppies try to stay awake it’s 0% annoying and 100% adorbs.

9. Spitting up on you. 


No one wants another human’s spit dripping onto them, but there’s something oddly acceptable about getting affectionate licks from a puppy.

10. Spilling food. Everywhere.


‘Nuff said. At least puppies clean it up themselves.

11. Keeping you up at night.

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But they just want to hang out and cuddle and play!

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Emily Wang

7 years ago