11 Things To Always Keep In Mind When Visiting A Dog Park

Are you a dog-park newbie or a seasoned veteran? Here are a few tips to make your next trip the best one ever.

1. Always keep an eye on your dog. You never know what kind of trouble they can get into.

dogs playing

2. Always pick up after your dog if they go #2.


3. If your dog starts getting fresh with another dog, pry the lovebirds off each other. (You wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you, would you?)


4. Take pictures of your dogs on benches. It never gets old.

dogs on bench

4. If you bring treats with you, make sure you ask permission to hand them out. You never know who has an allergy or is on a strict diet.

dog treatz

5. Don’t bring lunch to the park. You WILL be harassed.

6. Most dog parks have two gates to ensure no dogs escape. Make sure one is closed before you open the other.

dog park rules

7. Make sure your dog is current on his/her vaccinations.

image via Corgnelius the pug

8. Know when your dog is ready to go home. If your dog is being bullied, not having fun, or being aggressive, you should come back and try again.


9. Don’t smoke in the park. Dogs & people generally don’t enjoy second-hand smoke.


10. Bring water. It’s important to keep your pup hydrated.


11. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!

Featured image via Hilarys Places

Dr. Katy Nelson

9 years ago