12 Cats Who Unapologetically Delight In Being Jerks To Dogs

The love between siblings is a bond that can't be broken but when it comes to these kitties they sure have been showing that boundaries can definitely be pushed to the limits when it comes to their canine kin! 1. Let the battle commence!
2. "Damn you kitten! I need my beauty sleep."
3. If all else fails smother your tormentor.
4. Mittens had no intention of letting Buster go on his afternoon walk.
5. Tolerance level strong!
6. "Pweeeezzz! I just want a snack"
7. It was love until...
8. This cat couldn't give a...
9. "That's right puppy, you will love me!"
10. "Mom, tell him that's my food!"
11. "Hey.. Staaap, That tickles."
12. "He doesn't taste like a hot dog!"
Feature Image via Reddit

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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