12 Dogs Who Think They Deserve A Seat At The Table With You

  These dogs have been practicing their manners so they can finally move from the lowly bowl, up to the table. How do they look? 1. Bernie and Joanna enjoying a healthy breakfast. 1   2. Rocky was in a hurry so he grabbed some Panda Express. 2   3. Wayne had a big thing for dip stix. 3   4. Douglas is just waiting for some grub.   5. Murph loves his peanut butter. 5 5b   6. Talking with your hands and chewing with your mouth open is harder than you'd think. eating-dog-o   7. Gary is really working on his table manners. 7   8. The Almost-Dinnertime-Dance. 8   9. Husband and wife chow down after a long day at work. 9 9b   10. Wendy is paying the bills. That's pretty grown up of her.   11. Deborah's on a "liquid" diet. 11   12. Ollie thought he'd grab a quick bite before the guests arrive. 12
Featured image via Two Dogs Dining

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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