The 13 Time-Saving Tips You Busy Pup Parents Have Been Waiting For

Written by: Melina Giakas

April 26, 2015

If you have the joyful privilege of being a pup pawrent, you know it has major perks but also entails a lot of responsibility. While the highlight of our day may be coming home to that tail wagging furball, we’d by lying if we didn’t admit it can sometimes come with its challenges.

If you’re a working pup pawrent, finding the balance can seem even more difficult. You probably find yourself torn between rolling on the ground with your K9 and keeping those pants fur-free and office-ready.

If you find this to be true, have no fear! We’ve got a few solutions to help you save time, and resourcefully take care of the boring stuff (Like food shopping. Yuck!). In the end, it’s all about spending quality time with your dog and enjoying each other’s company. Here are a few solutions to help you do just that!

1. Dog Food Delivery Service

Dog food delivery services such as allow you to shop online for your dog’s food, so you never have to worry about carrying that large bag home or scrambling once you realize your dog has devoured yet another bag of kibble. The website provides personalized options for you to set up automated ordering and shipping. Websites like and also have easy dog food delivery options.

dog food delivery

2. Automated Food and Water Bowls

Automated feeders such as the Petmate® Le Bistro Portion Control Pet Feeder allow you to program your dog’s feeding portion and desired schedule, so you to easily control how much and how often food is dispensed for your dog.

Automated Water Bowl, like this one found at Petco, help you to keep your dog hydrated all day without constantly worrying about refilling their bowl – saving you time and sparing you a thirsty pooch.

auto feeder

3. Meal Prep

If you don’t like the idea of an automated feeder, setting aside portions of your dog’s food will help you pour and go! The easiest way is to set aside servings of your dog’s food in Ziplock bags on Sunday for the whole week, storing them somewhere close to your dog’s feeding area.

meal prep

4. Create A Walking Schedule

Setting up scheduled times for your dog to eat and walk each day will help their body develop a routine and help you have a more efficient walk.

girl walking dog 2

5. Dual Action Leashes

Leashes with attached poo bags can ensure you never have to rush around searching for walk essentials before heading out and will keep you prepared for when nature calls to your pooch.

poo bag

 6. Create a Dog Walking Station

Create a dog walking station to keep things organized and handy! Essential items may be treats, leashes, harnesses, and a dog towel in case of inclimate weather. There’s nothing worse than chasing a wet dog through a clean house or attempting to get those muddy paw prints off your pants before your morning commute without a wipe or towel.

pet station

7. Hook Up Your Leash

If your place is tight on space, putting a simple hook near the door can help make sure you never lose that trusty leash again.

hook photo

8. Set Aside Special Toys

Does your dog wake up dying to play? Put aside a few special toys you only let them use each morning. Your dog will be super excited and hopefully give you just a few extra minutes to blow-dry your hair before ruvingly attacking you for affection again.

dog toy 2

9. Pet Service Finder

Need to find a dog service in your area? Search smart and find a dog walker or vet right from your phone. The app provides contact information for groomers, vets, dog walkers, sitters, and dog parks in your area. Best of all it’s free!

pet finder

10. Weekend Workouts

Incorporating your dog into your workout routine could save you both time and money. Instead of paying for a costly gym membership and rushing back home to walk your dog, pick an activity such as hiking or running and bring your dog along. You’ll get a workout and be taking care of his walk at the same time.

workout dogs

11. Give Your Dog a Bath

Skip the groomer this weekend and give your dog a quick wash while you garden, wash the car, or enjoy some time in the sun.

tip 7

12. Schedule your walks from the comfort of your phone.

Many locally-owned dog walking companies use software, like Scout, to make scheduling a piece of cake. In addition, Scout’s app makes it easy to manage your pet’s information, get updates, see photos from your visit and much more!

13. Sign Up For BarkBox

Don’t have as much time to spoil your pup as you’d like? Let us do it for you! A monthly subscription to BarkBox makes it easier for you to give your dog the latest and greatest treats and toys. You’ll get the same tail-wagging, face-licking thank you without the hassle of shopping.


Written by: Melina Giakas

April 26, 2015

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