His Royal Puppy Prince Lupo Reminds Us Who’s Really First Born

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 25, 2014

Heavy is the furry head that wears the crown. Prince George’s birthday may garner attention, but Prince Lupo deserves the spotlight as first born and the one true heir.

1. I’m gonna be a mighty king! Yes, George can walk, but my motor skills are ahead by leaps and bounds.

Image via People Pets

2. Bow-wow down, bitches. My royal subjects are already accustomed to my presence and act accordingly.

Image via People Pets

3. All eyes on me, always. Mom and Dad aren’t handing me off to a fancy nanny. They are grooming me personally for my royal responsibilities.

Image via A Letter to My Dog

4. Uncle Harry loves me the most.

Image via Pop Sugar

5. My Royal Paw-tection Officer means business. He’s alert and ready for action, allowing me to make my daily rounds.

officerImage via HRH Duchess Kate

6. Even the Duchess picks up after a future king.

Image via Two Peas in a Bucket

7. Embracing the commoner in my bloodline helps me stay connected to the people.

Image via Celebitchy

8. I’ve already mastered blending into the crowd for safety. Can’t say the same for Mom.

park Image viaMedia One

9. Coming through – on my way to Paw-liament! While George is drooling, I’m already taking meetings.

pointed tail and noseImage via My Daily

10. Always ready to smile for the cameras.

Image via US Weekly

11. When Mom pledged her love to me always.

Image via People

12. When Dad shared all the secrets of the job.

Image via The Mirror

13. Here I am with my kid brother, whatshisname.

Image via People

14. Just so you know, I’m pawsitive those crowds are cheering for me.

Image via People

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 25, 2014