13 Derptastic Dogs Who Make You Think Twice About Cute Stereotypes

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 29, 2014

We, at @DogsofInstagram, love dogs of all colors, shapes, and sizes. However, we’re told that a mother’s love transcends all. We asked our community to submit their uniquely adorable furchildren. This round-up of goofy-looking, mom-a-PAWroved pooches proves that you don’t have to be paw-fectly poised to be too stinkin’ cute.

1. A good mom accepts their child and loves them for who they are. This is darla_frenchiepug, a born skeptic. She is 50% French Bulldog, 50% Pug and 100% unimpressed 100% of the time.


2. We’re not entirely sure what we’re looking at, but Desmond’s mother, Heather, is somehow able to see through that fur and into his soul. “Honestly, he’s hilarious, full of personality, and he’s pretty fluffy,” writes dapper_desmond. Pretty fluffy? Understatement of the year!


3. We hope Lenore the English Bulldog’s face isn’t stuck like this permanently. Oh, wait. It is. “She is a total goofball. Her tongue hangs out constantly. This is my favorite pic of her. I caught her napping like this one day,” writes her mom l0ve_cha.


4. Talk about a proud mutter pupper. babydahlz’s mom gushes that she “is so goofy, silly and expressive, with the biggest eyeballs in all of the land!”


5. A true mother’s love can never be swayed. A true mother never listens to the haterz. “Eugene, aka Captain Putyface, is definitely unique and funny looking, some might even say ugly, but I think he’s absolutely adorable,” says captainpoutyface.


6. Chloe’s mom, Kristen, swears that Chloe’s extra long tongue gives the best (and slobberiest) of kisses. C’mon! That thing is ridiculously long!


7. According to marniethedog’s mom, Shirley, Marnie is “the derpiest dog.” Marnie’s tongue has never seen the inside of her mouth, making each and every day #TongueOutTuesday.


8. For some mothers, there is nothing more beautiful than a peacefully sleeping baby. Do you think the infamous tunameltsmyheart feels the same way?


9. Special shout out to the dog dads that hold it down. Chester’s dad, jackmclaughlin95 is one proud pawpaw.

Picture 1

10. Daisy’s mom cherishes all that she’s learned from their time together as Mutter and Pawter. “Despite her disability, she is the happiest girl you will ever come across. Her constantly wagging tail and big smile brings so much joy to my life,” shares underbiteunite.


11. Men are from Mars. Nimbus is from Venus. This extraterrestrial pup is an out-of-this-world weirdo, but runnerkimhall loves Nimbus in spite of him being an alien.


12. Wednesday’s mama said, “say cheese” and this is what she got. Some might say this is a pUgly portrait, but morgan_may_14 begs to differ.


13. silly_little_dyke loves Dexter even though he was born with his tail where his face is supposed to be.


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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 29, 2014

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