13 Dog-Related Excuses To Use The Next Time You ‘Ghost’ Someone

Reviewed by Tiffany White

August 4, 2015

Be honest. When was the last time you ghosted someone? Don’t lie (we have special canine senses for this sort of thing). The texts from the crazy guy on Tinder you ignored? The boring girl on OK Cupid whose emails you blocked? As much as we hate to admit it, we’ve all done it at least once. However, the next time you feel like flaking on someone, use your dog to concoct the perfect excuse. After all, isn’t that what dogs are for? Below, 13 dog-approved excuses for ignoring that next text.

1. Because you were taunted by your dog to take them to the park instead.


2. Because your dog fell asleep on you again and you can’t get up.


3. Because you used up your phone battery taking pictures of your dog (aww, look at that face).


4. Because your dog ate your lipstick and you don’t want to leave your house with naked lips.


5. Because your dog is going through some emotional hardships and you need to be their shoulder to slobber on.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 1.47.49 PM

6. Because you ate the wrong peanut butter again and don’t feel well.


7. Because you got tired of your dog’s judgmental opinion of your Tinder dates.


8. Because you’d rather spend the afternoon watching movies with your dog.11377522_480376158785260_1318298246_n

9. Because your dog ate your favorite shoes. What, you’re supposed to go out on a date barefoot?


10. Because you’d rather spend date night with your dog (he’s more handsome anyway).


11. Because your dog hid your smartphone and you don’t know what he did with it (hey, it could happen).


12. Because you have to give your dog a bath.


13. Because, frankly, you’d rather look at this face than anyone else’s. 


Featured image by @tamrah11

Reviewed by Tiffany White

August 4, 2015