13 Dogs Having A Summer Fling

The summer fling! As American as divorce court. It probably won't last, but who cares! It's a summer fling! Improbable pairings welcome. For those few short weeks, the summer fling is the finest of earthly delights. Here are 13 pups in the throes of true, sometimes bizarre, summer ruv. 1. "I feel like I know you so well and it's only June." 0rNk4 2. "I think I might be falling for you..." bigstock-view-of-two-dogs-lying-golde-26480915 3. "We're like John and Yoko." bigstock-dachshunds-41852482 4. "I'm young and you're feral but this feels so right." Cute Dog and Cat cuddle adorably 5. "Let's get neigh-ked." lucy2 6. "Maybe we can go vintage shopping for a chair like this." Adorable Pitbulls Cuddle on Vintage Chair 7. "You're like, the coolest person I know. Oh, no that's the air conditioner." Adorable Dogs snuggle together by AC unit 8. "I should have come to Thailand sooner." a-monkey-bought-from-an-animal-trader-in-bangladesh-spends-hours-hugging-and-cuddling-this-puppy 9. "Should we go to the beach or just make out all day?" tdy_cuddlepups_131123 10. "This bed is ideal for smelling your butt." beagle-cuddle 11. "Don't judge me. I missed Memorial Day at the dog park." enhanced-buzz-14505-1396065152-16 12. "I'll even exercise for you." bigstock-Two-Poodle-Dog-Standing-35665865-1024x680 13. "Soooooo, can we talk about what happens after the summer?" bigstock-Two-dogs-lying-on-stones-in-th-38548228

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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