13 Problems Only Short Dog Lovers Understand

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 6, 2015

To the dismay of many of the vertically challenged, we live in a tall-man’s world. It’s hard enough trying to reach that stupid can on the top shelf at the grocery store, now we’ve got dog-related pawblems to deal with too? The nerve…


But I digress. To provide a little insight to those with their head in the clouds, I present these very ridiculous small human dog problems:

1. You could TOTALLY ride that Great Dane into the sunset, but, alas, such a thing is frowned upon.


2. We got toys, treats, and… a 30lb bag of dog food? Try getting that out to the car in one trip. (You won’t.)


3. It’s much easier for dogs to reach your face to apply a fresh coat of slobber.


4. For those with a soft spot for the bigger pups, walking them can be almost as difficult as seeing over the counter at Chipotle. Leash training, ACTIVATE!


5. Good luck reaching that really cute leash hanging on the top hook at the pet store.


6. When pups weave between your legs it all but knocks you to the floor…


7. … and don’t even talk to me about the jumpers.


8. When the gentle giants want scratches, they press their skulls right up against your crotch.


9. Snuggling with a big dog is like hugging a tank. (Okay, this is actually kind of nice.)


10. It gets a little old when you get “So little! So cute!” more than your pooch.


11. The solution to shortness? Heels. Ever walk a dog in heels? Don’t.


12. You run the risk of being flattened when you sleep with a big dog.


13. If there are pups playing around your feet, their furry flailing bodies might knock your knees in.


Have no fear if you are small! With good training and a little extra awareness of your surroundings, owning even the biggest dogs as a smaller person will be cake.

Featured image via Flickr/missbossy

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 6, 2015