13 Totally Awesome Tattoos For The Pup Lover Who Can’t Handle Forever

A dog is for life and so is a tattoo. While no one regrets their furry little friend, some ill-placed ink can be a different story. Well, if you want to show the ruv you hold for your pup with some body art, but are afraid of future #Regretz, these 13 pawesome temporary tattoos are the thing for you! 1. How about this cute little origami style pup? bcf89848a20303df3e1c2a3b19121d09 2. ...or this delicate little fella? b341c28a515e6fa9ea57c39982523b0e 3. The only life to live is one with sex, pugs and rock 'n roll! tattoos2 4. Ruv these realistic black and white tats. afe7df24db1cd9d5b4af4ab41ff1bf96 5. Maybe this colorful dog dude is more your thing. Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 4.48.56 PM 6. There isn't anyone better to trust than this pup, in our opinion. tattoos3 7. Show you love both cats and dogs with this nifty piece of "ink." dog temp tattoo 8. Show off a pup on every knuckle! tattoos 9. For something less traditional, try these fun stylized pups! il_570xN.477468062_6cv5 10. Live the thug life and show the world you love your dawg. Dog temp tattoo 11. Keep it plain and simple with this line drawn pooch. 5606e543e9c121434a35b785e02185fd 12. Add a pop of color and plenty of adorable with this bike-riding pup. 64170a93e7cefe1e7dfb77edffe22c25 13. Show your dog always has your back with this lovely! dog temp tattoo

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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