14 Furry Dogs Who Embrace Their Fabulous Beach Hair

Written by: Nicole Zalat

June 12, 2015

Coming straight out of the beach bum handbook, these pups have the windswept locks of a castaway — and they RUV it. Here are 14 dogs who naturally have the kind of beach hair humans spend tons of money trying to replicate.

1. “Wanna go pee on sandcastles?”

black beach dog

2. “I’ve got sand in places I’ve never even licked!”

white dog beach

3. “The secret to keeping your hair on fleek like mine is to stay out of the water.”

chinese crested beach funny

4. “Do I still have seaweed in my hair? No?”

border collie beach

5. “We were on our way to the beach but then we remembered none of us can drive, so…there’s that.”

chinese crested backseat

6. “Go swimming? No, honey. I come to the beach to peoplewatch.”

shih tzu hair

7. “The saltwater always brings out the waves in my luscious locks.”


8. “The humidity does this to my hair and I ruv it!”

black pomeranian smile beach

9. “I caught the wave! I caught it!”

wet aussie smiling

10. “Can you watch my stuff while I take a dip? Gotta get this sand off.”

beach dog labradoodle

11. “I lost a ball here once. I stand here hoping it will come back one day.”

dog beach fab

12. “Anyone got a hair tie I can borrow?”


13. “I’ll dry off in the car on the way home. It’s the only way I can get my face looking the fluffiest!”

beach hair dog

14. “This is going to be a nightmare to detangle.”


Featured image via Fox News

Written by: Nicole Zalat

June 12, 2015