14 Pups Who Have Nailed Their Reindeer Auditions

Having to make sure Santa delivers all his presents in time for Christmas means the role of a reindeer can be tough, but we’re sure it’s a pretty awesome career move, too. With an endless supply of carrots to chomp and a whole sky to play chase in most likely listed as perks of the job, we can think of a few pups who’d be up for the challenge. Meet the furry Fidos who have handed in their resumes and are ready to take the reins if Rudolph needs a break come Christmas Eve… 1. "Errr, if we could just get these antlers in a smaller size…?" scorpion2 2. "Pah! The three wise men aint got nothin’ on us!" rsz_costumeprize 3. "Not gonna lie… this shiny red nose thing could get annoying." hintmag 4. "Donna? I wanted to be Rudolph." tumblr 5. "Santa’s smallest and cutest reindeer at your service!" muddypaws 6. "I gots my boots on coz it gets pretty cold up in the sky." dog 7. "I’m just not sure the nose is in the right place." dogster 8. "We’ll just chill here while Santa does his thing." waitindogs 9. "All that flying around the world stuff is exhausting." sleepydog 10. "The guys at no. 23 didn’t even leave a carrot out for me. #Rude." reindeerdog 11. "We’re the most fashion-forward reindeers on Santa’s sleigh!" dogs 12. "Dasher, how’s this gonna work when we’re scared of flying?" scareddogs 13. "We were helping Santa deliver your presents and got attacked by these darn lights!" dogsinlights 14. "I wonder if flapping my ears would help me fly..." reindeer-dog
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Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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