15 Times Senior Dogs Stole The Cuteness Crown From Puppies

It’s a well-known, unarguable fact that puppies are squeal-inducingly cute. This cuteness causes us to tolerate their teething, jumping, house training (or lack thereof), zoomies and numerous other shenanigans. While it’s common practice to pick a puppy as the newest member of your family, adopting a senior dog can be much easier to work into your busy schedule (think less shenanigans), letting you spend more time simply relaxing and playing with your newest friend. If you’re worried that adopting an older dog means sacrificing the unbearable cuteness of puppyhood, you’re wrong. These 15 pictures prove once and for all that older dogs are just as playful, loving and cute as puppies! Can’t get enough of the cuteness? Click here to see more adorable doggos. :) Looking for a sweet senior to add to your pack? Check out pawtential pups on BarkBuddy to find adoptable pups near you!

Hope Bobbitt Writer

7 years ago

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