The 15 Types Of People You Meet At The Dog Park

Written by: Emily Wang

May 18, 2015

We’ve all been there. It’s a nice sunny day and you’re making your way out to let the pup stretch his legs for a bit. Both good and bad, here are some people that we’re sure you’ve seen hanging around the local dog park.

1. The Older Gentleman


Comes with equally elderly senior dog. He’s nothing but nice and tends to keep to himself. His dog doesn’t romp with the others and usually sticks close to people, lightly nudging their elbows for a friendly pat once in a while.

2. The Overly Protective Pup Pawrent


This hooman is sure to be found following their dog around, never taking their eye off their pup. Often seen freaking out when their dog is being mounted and heard asking “Whose dog is this?!”

3. The Not-So-Concerned/Oblivious New Puppy Pawrent


This hooman is unfortunately undereducated about the do’s and don’ts of puppyhood. They maaay bring their 8-week old-ish puppy to show off to others, and then lets the puppy sniff, play, roll around in the dirty grass, eat sticks, you name it. You cringe when you think of all the possible dangers for the pup, but don’t want to be that person to tell them off.

4. The Anti-social Dood

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 5.33.00 PM

This person doesn’t talk to anyone else in the park and keeps to himself. He may or may not have long hair and an interesting sense of style. He awkwardly pets pups as they approach him, indicating his love for dogs but introverted nature.

5. The Poop Police


They have a hawk-eye for pooping dogs and their respective owners, often kindly approaching the hoomans of the poop-ffenders to let them know multiple times that their dog has relieved himself and that they should take care of that business. Like, now.

6. The Workout Clothes Couple


She is dressed in yoga pants and tank with her hair tied up into a prim ponytail. He is dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt. Both don nice sunglasses and colorful running shoes. They look like they’re about to go to the gym, or perhaps just came from a sweat-free workout. Likely they own a medium to large sized dog, perhaps a Labrador or Australian Shepherd.

7. The Underprepared Pup Pawrent


They didn’t bring water, a bowl, poop bags, or anything for that matter besides their dog on a leash. They are often heard saying “Max, that’s not your water!” and apologizing to nearby over-protectant pawrents.

8. The Cell Phone Guy (Or Gal)

cell phone

They treat the dog park as temporary day care for their dogs as they take care of some unfinished business, whether by phone call or text.

9. The Chatterbox


They start a conversation with you that NEVER STOPS. Before you and your pup leave, you know their name, their dogs’ names, the dogs they used to have, where they live, their occupation, what they had for lunch and what they will have for dinner.

10. The Explorer


They walks around the park and pay attention to everything but their pup.

11. The Guy With The Treats


He pays no attention to the “DOG PARK RULES” sign posted at the front of the park that says “Don’t Bring In Treats If You Don’t Want To Get Followed Around By All The Dogs.” He still brings a stash of training treats that are in his pocket, and he spends the entire time fending off hungry pups who sniff out the goods.

12. The Chuck-It (But Only For My Own Dog) Person


They brings their own toys and balls for their dog, but don’t seem to want to share or let other dogs get in on the fun.

13. The Self-Proclaimed Pup Expert


He/she knows everything there is to know about dogs, training, collars, accessories, you name it. Or so they think. They’ll grace you with their knowledge and let you know that the harness you’ve got on your dog is actually the wrong size.

14. The Tiny Hooman Mom


Brings her child(ren) in and lets them run around freely with the dogs. She may or may not actually have a dog in the park as well.

15. The “Oh I’m so sorry!” Pup Parent


Apologizes for their dog’s behavior constantly, whether it be for jumping on people, stealing another dog’s toy, humping another dog, you name it.


Featured image via @run_love_dog

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Written by: Emily Wang

May 18, 2015

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