15 Epic Dog Vs. Snowmen Showdowns

They’re lumpy, they get in the way, and frankly they’re a waste of carrots. Here’s 15 dogs who are not impressed with your snowman this season.

1. “This will not end well.” ThereCanOnlyBeOne


2. “I said, ‘Wipe that smile off your face, peasant!’ But he wouldn’t, so I had to do it myself.”

3. “I learned today, the only thing worse than a cat is a snowcat.”


4. “Look, I made it better.”

dog peeing

5. “So that’s where my stick went.”


6. “#Squadgoals: get a new squad. #MyFriendsHaveSnowForBrains”


7. “The name’s Derp. Wyatt Derp. Vote me for sheriff and I’ll put this impostor behind bars.”


8. “I wasn’t scared, I just didn’t like him.”

9. “No snow, no man, and definitely no style.”


10. “We both might be white, but only one of us have a deep, crippling fear of the sun.”

white dog

11. “I’ve met my match — the invincible snowman.”

bah humbug

12. “Oh, hello human. Me and my friend here were just having a nice chat. I definitely wasn’t about to pee on him. I mean, *nervous chuckle* who does that??”

scary dog

13. When you’re so ugly not even the dogs want to look at you.

one way, other way

14. “Let it go, let it go, I can’t hold it back anymore, I just farted on Olaf.”


15. “Oh man, I just had a nightmare where I was wearing an ugly sweater and posing for this ridiculous Christmas card with an evil snowman and OH MY GOD IT’S NOT A DREAM IT’S REALLY HAPPENING.”


Featured image via snoopygrams

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago