15 Epic Dog Vs. Snowmen Showdowns

They're lumpy, they get in the way, and frankly they're a waste of carrots. Here's 15 dogs who are not impressed with your snowman this season. 1. "This will not end well." ThereCanOnlyBeOne snowman-dog-2 2. "I said, 'Wipe that smile off your face, peasant!' But he wouldn't, so I had to do it myself." 3. "I learned today, the only thing worse than a cat is a snowcat." 4fdef565f37935cb0fbf450d6566a092 4. "Look, I made it better." dog peeing 5. "So that's where my stick went." y-2-b-attacks-arm 6. "#Squadgoals: get a new squad. #MyFriendsHaveSnowForBrains" ea56a2b9583bb81a1192d67caa139837 7. "The name's Derp. Wyatt Derp. Vote me for sheriff and I'll put this impostor behind bars." derp 8. "I wasn't scared, I just didn't like him." 9. "No snow, no man, and definitely no style." murphjabroni 10. "We both might be white, but only one of us have a deep, crippling fear of the sun." white dog 11. "I've met my match -- the invincible snowman." bah humbug 12. "Oh, hello human. Me and my friend here were just having a nice chat. I definitely wasn't about to pee on him. I mean, *nervous chuckle* who does that??" scary dog 13. When you're so ugly not even the dogs want to look at you. one way, other way 14. "Let it go, let it go, I can't hold it back anymore, I just farted on Olaf." special 15. "Oh man, I just had a nightmare where I was wearing an ugly sweater and posing for this ridiculous Christmas card with an evil snowman and OH MY GOD IT'S NOT A DREAM IT'S REALLY HAPPENING." lastone Featured image via snoopygrams

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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