15 Motherly Dogs Who Adopted Babies Of A Different Species

What can a dog do when they don't have babies of their own, but still want to take care of a fellow fuzzy thing? They adopt, that's what! Here are 15 dogs who love another species like their own: 1) Fawning over each other. 6992_1280x800 2) "You is small, but you is mine." squirreladopted 3) "Oh kitty, you make me laugh!" dog-rolling-around-with-cat 4) Hoo would have thought? animal-on-animal-owl-dog 5) "DogMom, I love you, but your breath smells like bully sticks." xin_562070627114712555452 6) "Follow the Corgibutt, kids!" yogi00-zoom 7) "Stop! Stop! The feathers tickle!" Boom-and-his-friends-5 8) "Can you see the resemblance?" 8358020809_b675f6744c_o-700x466 9) "Listen. You may be faster than me, but I'm still the dog who taught you everything you know." dog_leopard_bffs_01 10) "Lil' Joey wants some attention." kangaroo-and-dog-2 11) "SEND A BABYSITTER. ASAP." dog in otter pile cropped 12) "Don't forget your kiss goodnight!" 11.21.13-Dog-Koi2-590x442 13) "Where did my baby go?" DOG_05_RK0248_06_P 14) "You can't ferret out of my love." [embed][/embed]
Source: YouTube
15) "They keep me young." 628x471 (1)
Featured image via Greenwich Time

Hope Bobbitt Writer

6 years ago

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