13 Adrenaline Junkie Dogs More Fearless Than Evil Knievel

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 26, 2014

Whoever came up with the GoPro deserves a spot in the YouTube Hall of Fame (I give it about 5 years ’til that’s a real thing). All of a sudden we find ourselves awash in videos of people defying their wits, gravity and good sense to bring us videos of spectacular feats of athleticism. We’ve seen people bear-hug wild lions, surf into gigantic waves, and leap from the edges of cliffs to fly with little more than outstretched arms – and all while handicapped with a mere two legs to stand on! So lets take a look at some of the incredible, adrenaline-fueled athletes of the canine world!

13. The cliff jumper.

I’ve done this before myself, only my experience involved; 1: One tragically ill-fitting swim suit. 2: A lot more embarrassed giggling.

12. The Downhill Mountain Runner.

Somehow that dog doesn’t look even remotely winded. Does that seem fair to you?

11. The Hang Glider.

And to think my dog gets this nervous look when he stands at the top of the stairs…

10. The Jet-Skier

Dog + What appears to be human arms = Awesome!

9. The Snowboarder

Can’t you just picture a cat LOVING this?? No, me neither…

8. The Rock Climber

Technically, Biscuit practices a more extreme form of the sport known as “free soloing.” No ropes, no harness, no coddling.

7. The Skateboarder

It just dawned on me that I’m too old to pick this sport up… and I’m in my 20s.

6. The Scuba Diver

Hey, I just invented a device for cleaning up after your dog under water. It’s called the “Pooper Scuber.” Nobody steal that.

The Parkour Runner

Parkour (in case you don’t know) is half-jogging and half-awesome. I like to think of it as prison-rules gymnastics.

5. The Cyclist

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the most spectacular feat for a person, but c’mon its a dog… on a bike! Also, bonus-points awarded for anything that appears on Japanese TV.

4. The Driver

This dog probably gets a lower auto insurance rate than I do…

3. The… Trampolinist?

Why can’t all floors be like this?

2. The Shark Fisher

“Oh look an enormous fish with deadly, snapping jaws. Fun!”

1. The Champion

Ok, we’re done here. This dog wins paws down… and this wasn’t even supposed to be a contest.


Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 26, 2014

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