15 Magnificent Floofs Who Were Probably Royalty In Another Life

We all think our dogs are the best dogs, and turns out, we're all right! But there are some pupsters so majestic, so regal, we couldn't help but share them with you. These may be 15 of the most magnificent floofs your eyes hath ever laid upon. 1. This droop monster will take no s*&t from anyone who dares approach his waterfall. 1 2. "And now we shall gather firewood to survive the night!" 2 3. Nothing like a brisk winter day to be alone with your thoughts. 3 [bp_related_article] 4. "My name is Governor Pup Jones, and I approve this message." 4 5. Every kitchen has a chef; this kitchen has a king. 5 6. "In my day, the trees were greener and the treats more bountiful." 6 7. This sea captain is on the starboard side of his ship, looking for nearby fish to nosh on. 7 8. The sun sets and rises with you, Steve. 8 9. What a glorious garden full of flowers and giant ears. 9 10. "Oh me? I'm just plotting my revenge on the neighbor's cats." 10 11. "Tell me your woes, my son." 11 12. Take in the sights with all of their Golden glory. 13 13. Lions and tigers and fluff...oh my! 14 14. "Hear ye, hear ye, I am the smallest ruler of the mountain!" 15 15. "I'm a big, beautiful no-nonsense kind of smushball." 12

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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