14 Interspecies Pals Who Know It’s What’s On The Inside That Matters

Rocky Ridge Refuge, a "group home" rescue center for a variety of domestic and exotic animals, has been home to some pretty wacky relationships the past 20 years. We love ourselves a good interspecies friendship, and these special guys sure can teach us a thing or two about acceptance. 1. "We'll be the same size one day, and I can't wait!" great dane 2. "I heard some people call you an ass, but I ruv ya!" donkey 3. "You're not doing bathtime right, strange-looking dog! You missed a spot!" capyspot 4. "Gimme a kiss. I promise I'm not a snapping turtle!" tortoise 5. "D'awwwww. I ruv ya, even though you hog the bed." bull terrier 6. "What can I say? Chicks dig me." dane 7. "We're playin' Davy Crockett, King of the Refuge Frontier!" racoon 8. "You're a trick and a treat, Josh." skunk 9. "I don't even care what you are. This is love--it's deep and it's real!" cuddlebuddy 10. "I roll mad deep when it comes to my snuggle crew." snugglebunny 11. "Excuse me... can I join this dog pile?" puppies 12. "Oh my Dog, that chew toy moved!!!" chewtoyturtle-900x729 13. "Am I doing the belly rub right? How 'bout now? Now?" belly 14. "What the duck you lookin' at? I puppin' love these guys!" chicks High paws to Rocky Ridge Rescue for helping animals in need! Visit their website or Facebook page to learn more or donate to their cause.

Laura Hartle

8 years ago

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